Tuesday, March 27, 2012

When all else fails, head to Branson!

A few weeks ago my dad called me and wanted me to check on getting a cabin for all of us to stay in at a local state park. Well, apparently everyone else in the state had the same idea so it was all booked up. So, we had to resort to Ole' Faithful - Branson! We decided to go back to the hotel we stayed at last summer with the indoor water park so the kids could swim since it is still a little cold outside. I was also wanting to see the tornado damage in person. It

I must admit, I was very hesitant and worried about taking Noah on this trip. I booked it not very long after his restaurant meltdowns and fit throwing was in full force. Well, I had been noticing all of that easing up over the last few weeks so I was hopeful for a good trip. I literally was praying every night for the patience to deal with Noah in a good way when he is having his meltdowns and for him to learn other behavior and adapt quickly. God answered my prayers! Noah was the BEST kid while we were gone. He sat in his stroller while we were shopping and in a highchair while we were eating. He held my hand while we were walking and in the indoor pool and playground. This was the kid other people told me about - he always did better for other people than me. I was not ok with that. Don't get me wrong, I want him to be good for others, but I deserve that respect also. So, once I caught on to him being good for others I started being harder on him, and I see improvement already.

Baby Greyson

There was 10 of us and we all had a great time. Noah loved the "baby" - Greyson and kept hugging and kissing him. Everyone was so good to help out with Noah too - my sister-in-law Kesha (Aunt Kiki) was awesome to just take Noah and let me rest. She said she remembers being pregnant and chasing a little one around. By the time we were done shopping I felt 9 months pregnant instead of 4! Noah is a water baby for sure and is so fearless! He went down all the slides - head first, feet first, backwards - he didn't care! He loves to splash himself in the face also and blow the water on me. He gets funnier by the day!

There is also an arcade/playground next door to the hotel and Kesha took Noah in the playground for over an hour while Nathan and I played games to win tickets so Noah could get a toy. It was just like a date night! HA!

It was a nice weekend getaway with family and if Noah keeps acting like such a good boy, maybe we can do more of that before Baby Stillwell gets here!

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