Monday, April 2, 2012


Nathan went camping Friday night and canoeing Saturday morning, so Noah and I just hung out in the air conditioning and watched movies and ate junk food - that is what most pregnant women and almost 2 year olds want to do. I wanted to get Noah's picture taken with an Easter Bunny and the closest I knew of was an hour away and I really didn't want to go all that way for just that. I then heard of a nearby town having one so we decided to try it out.

Chillin' out with Momma :)

My little french fry thief!

Nathan got home just in time to join us and we took off. I was hoping the Easter Bunny would be available for pictures before the hunt, but we didn't see him anywhere when we pulled up. So, we waited in the nice air conditioning until about 5 minutes to egg hunt time. Noah was a hunting natural! He just took off! Of course he had to show me every egg he got before he put it in the bucket. He ended up with about a dozen eggs. I then found the Easter bunny and I was a little disappointed. He didn't have a bunny head on, just ears. I can only imagine what Noah was thinking when I sat him on his lap. I knew it would be like Santa all over again, but I really wanted the picture. It turned out pretty funny. Noah didn't hesitate to tell the bunny "bye-bye" and we were off. Once we got in the car he started saying "egg, egg, egg" over and over like he has known the word for years. The way he is picking up on things is amazing me! He literally learns a new word every other day!

Nathan hadn't ate yet so we headed to Rivertowne BBQ - we love that place! I was worried because it was 2 hours past Noah's naptime, but we decided to just risk it. I do not like to talk about Noah being bad or saying he was a bother - it just sounds bad to me. I prayed and cried and really struggled to get him and I would never want anyone to think I was complaining about him. So, when he is really good - I have to brag on him. He was perfect at Rivertowne! He sat in his highchair and ate and talked and was cracking us up. It made me feel so good! I am hoping him doing so well eating out lately is really him growing up and adapting and not just a fluke.

This may look like Noah's cheese face, but this is what he does to me now when I wink at him ;)

We then went home and Noah took his overdue nap and Nathan and I watched the movie "Moneyball" - which was very good by the way. Then when Noah got up we had to empty his Easter bucket and refill it over and over. I am pretty sure this is his favorite holiday so far! I can't wait to take him to a few more egg hunts next weekend!

All lathered up in sunscreen and ready to go!

Sunday we had an awesome church service, lunch, Noah napped, and then we went for another jeep ride. I was having a pregnancy crazing for corn dogs so we had to stop by and get one while we were out. It was such a nice way to end a great weekend!

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