Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Partying Down!

We had quite the party weekend! Saturday was our good friends Shawn and Sarahs son Jack's 5th birthday party! I cannot believe he is 5 already! I remember getting a call that he was born a month before his due date and Shawn sneaking me in the NICU as his sister so I could see him! Now, he is all grown up and heading off to kindergarten in the fall! Seems unreal!

Our friends always throw the best birthday parties and this time was no different! They had a bounce house, trampoline, swing set, basketball shooting game, ping pong, and egg toss for the kids. Noah was a little too small for the bounce house, but he loved the trampoline, slide, and of course just running around the big yard exploring. Noah was very good at this party - it was set up very toddler friendly so he wasn't going to hurt anything he played with - that made my day easier for sure! We were one of the last ones to leave and Sarah told us to take an extra gift bag home because they had too many - well, Noah (just like his Daddy) can't get enough of that free stuff - so we ended up taking 5 (yes 5!) gift bags home! I was so embarrassed! He was throwing a fit for more after the 5! She assured me it was fine and I assured her he had toys at home and he wasn't mistreated :) I didn't get many pictures - but I was busy helping Noah explore ;)

Noah insisted we sit with him at the little table :)

Someone liked their chips!

Noah is addicted to dandelions!

Sunday we had an awesome church message about having a better family picture. Nathan and I had actually been talking about this so it was crazy that the lesson was about this - ok, not crazy - God knows. We were talking about how we joke around with eachother in a way that Noah may not understand and think it is ok to act towards someone you are with. So, we are working on that.

Autumn, Whitney, and I - me and Autumn are due the same day!
After church I went to my sister-in-law Whitney's baby shower. I am so excited for them and this will be Nathan's first blood nephew - so that is always fun to see how they favor family members and actions. This will also be my first non-blood nephew! They are naming him Paxton Gage - which I love! So different and unique! She had a great shower and got lots of good stuff!

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