Monday, March 19, 2012

Best Lazy Weekend Ever!

Noah and I seriously had the laziest weekend ever. Nathan played in a softball tournament Saturday and Noah and I hung out at the house all day and did nothing! By nothing I mean we played, ate junk food, and watched tv - so something, but still nothing at the same time. He has been being so much better about throwing fits lately and he was very good all day Saturday. I was having some growing pains in my abdomen due to Baby Stillwell so I was glad he was happy to just sit around and play with me all day. I didn't bother to fix my hair or put make-up on because I had no intentions of going anywhere all day, so I wasn't looking my finest in my sweats. But, I loved how Noah just loved on me and gave me random hugs and kisses just like he does when I am all fixed up. He just loves him momma.

He thought it was so funny to bring me fake food with his neck!

We watched alot of cooking shows that day (bad idea when you are pregnant and don't cook) so I was starving. Since going anywhere was not an option (I was looking rough remember) and fast food did not sound good after watching all the cooking show food, I had to search the kitchen. The only thing I could find in the cabinets was Tuna Helper! So, Tuna Helper it was! Noah got up on the counter top like he always does to help me get things out and he just sat there and handed me the ingredients to make it. It was so cute! He was so happy to be sitting up there like a big boy helping!

Helping Momma cook!

Sunday we went to church and then Nathan had to work. So, Noah and I decided yesterday went so well we would try it again. We changed in our sweats and started the DVR of shows. Noah loves him some Dr. Phil! He gets so excited when Phil comes out and points at the tv and claps! It is so funny. Noah likes to help clean too, so I decided to vacuum and dust the living room. I picked up all the toys and stacked them on the couch so I could vacuum. He thought that was so funny and decided he needed to ride his four-wheeler on the couch! My little daredevil! Even after we were done cleaning he put the four-wheeler back up there and got on it, this may have been a bad idea!

My little Daredevil!

I also discovered on Friday that the dollar store is like a gold mine for a one year old! I found Noah a construction hat, Mickey watch, sunglasses, Mickey coloring book, and Elmo (or Melmo as he says) flash cards! He was in heaven!

Dollar store treasures!

Well, here is to many more lazy weekends full of momma/son memories made! Have a good week!

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