Monday, March 12, 2012

BBQ, Panthers, Rain, and Deals!

We had a busy weekend! Friday night my best friend Cassie came over! It was so good to see her and I really wish she would move back closer (Cassie, I know you are reading this, move home - thanks). Nathan went and got us all Rivertowne BBQ (our favorite) and we all sat around and talked and played with Noah. It was an awesome night! Cassie didn't leave until 11:00 and we texted until after midnight, just like the good ole' days! :)

Noah loved his BBQ!

Saturday we had a birthday party for my niece Tori and my stepdad David. Noah was SO good at the party. He was very busy checking everything out and playing with his cousins. I fed him before we went, and that worked out so good. We didn't have to fight him to try to get him to sit and eat while we were there and we took turns chasing him and eating.

We left from there for Hot Springs for a little weekend getaway! Our local high school basketball team was playing in the state tournament and I hadn't got a chance to see them play yet so we went to watch them in the finals. I had heard how awesome this team was and they didn't disappoint - it was an awesome game! They won 93-73 for a second straight state championship! The next day we planned on going to Oaklawn but it poured rain all day so we ended up just eating lunch and coming home. I went to Oaklawn with my grandma as a child and Nathan has never been so we are hoping to get back and get to experience it before the live racing season ends. It was a nice little getaway.

Back to Back State Champs!

Last week was also Rhea Lana - a local consignment sale. I LOVE this sale and look forward to it twice a year! 80% of Noah's clothes are second hand - kids grow so fast it only makes sense that way. We are always getting complimented on how cute Noah's clothes are and I love knowing that I got them at a good price. I got Noah some good summer clothes and the cutest shoes. I even got him a pair of boots! He loves to put Daddy's boots on, so he was so excited when I showed him his! He didn't take them off for hours! I also got Noah an outdoor play land. It has a ladder, slide, and you can even make a sand pit in the bottom of it. I can't wait for the weather to get warmer this week so we can go try it out. I haven't even let Noah see it yet because it has been to rainy or cold to use it yet.

Mommas little cowboy!

Happy Monday! Make  it a good week - I know I am going to!

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