Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I Survived!

I knew it was only a matter of time until it happened, but I was not happy to see it finally here - WE GOT THE STOMACH BUG! It was awful! I got a phone call Friday that Noah threw up at daycare, so I went and got him. He was acting fine, but then the diarrhea started. He still acted like he could care less, just playing and watching tv. Thankfully, he is a tough guy. Later that night Nathan tried to feed him an olive (which Noah likes) but apparently that set Noah's stomach off, so as I am cooking dinner he projectile vomits into the stove and falls in it! I was standing there with my mouth open and Nathan said "that was awesome! Just like off tv!" and he went and got a broom and started mopping it up - all while still eating olives! GAG! Anyway, that was the last of it for Noah. He was fine all night and the next day.

The next morning I had basketball games and left Nathan and Noah at home. Noah was fine all morning. As soon as I got back from my games I started feeling a little sick. We all 3 went to Russellville to pick up a part for Nathan and I barely remember this trip. I laid down in the seat the whole time - I knew I had the bug. I sent my mom a text and asked her to please come get Noah because I wasn't sure if we would be able to handle the bug and him. I am SO glad she did. I started getting sick when she got there to pick Noah up and didn't stop until 1:00 a.m.! We laid around on the couches and watched a movie, pausing it for whoever had to run to the bathroom - it was ridiculous. Nathan seemed to handle it better - he was sick, but he just got it all out and done and was over it! I wish I was that lucky! He was doing dishes, cleaning the bathtub, and went to the store while I laid around trying to get my strength back. Nathan did an awesome job of stepping up and helping out - I am one lucky gal!

Noah ended up getting sick again on Monday at daycare (I think he likes getting to take an extra bath at daycare and me picking him up early)! This time he threw up on one of the girls there - I felt so bad. Thankfully, the other moms at my daycare are awesome and just said "it happens". I'm new to the whole sick thing, so I was afraid they were going to be mad! So, I had to go back and get him and keep him out until today. We all think he just overate on his weak stomach, so hopefully he will be there all day today. I did have fun spending some extra time with him at home the last few days though. We played with his tent he got for Christmas - I had forgot about it since it collapses and I had put it under the couch, sad huh? He had a blast! I am glad to be back in our routine again though, hopefully for awhile.


Such a sweet boy!

So glad he is all better!

How does a mom avoid catching what her baby gets? Honestly when Noah didn't feel good on Friday, there was a point where I could tell his stomach was bothering him and the only thing that made him feel better was to lay on my back and lay him stomach to stomach with me - so we were face to germy face. I have a feeling I am going to be catching alot of things from that sweet boy over the next many years!

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