Thursday, February 9, 2012

Catch-up! Ketch-up!

It has been a week since my last blog! I am ashamed! Let's catch-up! We have not been sick anymore thankfully! I still get queasy every now and then, it seems to be taking my stomach alot longer to get used to eating regularly again. Noah has been eating very strangely lately. He will eat like he is starving for 2 days, then want nothing to eat for a day. Then be starving again! It is hard because we try to stay consistent with him and make him sit in his high chair and eat, but some days he doesn't want anything. He is not waking up hungry when he doesn't eat much so he really must not be hungry! Maybe it is a phase. I just hope it is not a sign of future fights getting him to eat. He has always been a very good eater so far - never refused anything offered to him. Only time will tell! One thing we do know is the boy loves ketchup! I will give him his food and put a little ketchup on everything and he eats it all and even licks the ketchup off the plate! We try to lay off the ketchup in restaurants for this reason, that could be embarrassing!

I had a momma Super Bowl Sunday. Nathan's mom came and "kidnapped" (in her terms) Noah for a few hours that day after church and his nap. Nathan and I didn't have anything to do so at the last minute we decided to go watch a movie. Man On a Ledge was on and we had been wanting to see it. It was nice to sit and relax at a movie together. We don't do it often - not because of the lack of babysitters but because of the lack of movies that look like they are worth going to see! It is different when you have a kid to arrange a sitter and all that to go to the movies and the movie not be any good - it is a waste of a sitter. Thankfully this movie was good! When we left the movie we had to run to the parts store so when we got home the Super Bowl was almost to half-time. Noah came home during half-time and it was time to start his bedtime routine. So he ate, took a bath, and he gets to watch one Mickey Mouse Clubhouse before bed. So, once that was all over, so was the game. We didn't really care much for either team that was in it this year, so it was no big deal. It was one of my better Super Bowl Sundays honestly!

I finished my basketball season up - we went 45-3 for the year! I am very proud of all our players! That is an impressive record! We still have the tournament this week and next, but all our teams are going into the tournament ranked 1st so hopefully it will stay that way! I love coaching these kids, but I am ready for a break. It seems like the season always lasts 2 weeks too long. I just start losing steam and I get mentally "done" before the season is over. I love getting to spend the time with my dad too, and I will miss it shortly after it is over.

Nathan is about to start softball season again. I have to admit I was not happy about. I LOVE that he has a hobby that he likes and it helps keep him in shape, I just hate that it takes up so much time. Honestly it seems like it takes up more time than it does if you sit down and figure it, it just feels like alot. Thankfully we have lots of supporting family that watch Noah sometimes so I can go cheer him on! Noah is to the age now where he doesn't want to sit down for anything, so all I would do would be to chase him around if he went to the games with us. Ready or not - it's softball time!

Here are a few things going on with Noah at his sitters I want to record to remember. She sent me a text this week that said she asked Noah if he went to the bathroom and he reached down the back of his diaper and pulled some poop out for her! HA! Well, she asked! We are still toying around with potty training but waiting on his speech to get a little further so maybe he will understand better what is going on. Noah has also been getting in more time-outs at daycare lately. That is SO embarrassing! I know all kids do it, but still, when your child acts up to someone else, it is embarrassing. This week he was kicking the girls in the back when he was sitting behind them! I have no idea where he even picked up on this! Nathan and him wrestle at home but no kicking or real hitting. He has never hit anyone out of anger that we have seen. Where do kids learn this stuff? He has also been having some big meltdowns lately. We have just been ignoring them and trying not to give them attention so maybe he will quit. I know people probably think we are just lazy, but spanking him for throwing a fit will just make the fit worse. Time out in an unfamiliar place doesn't seem to work either. Hopefully we are not doing this all wrong! I am hoping the fits are just a phase and he will do better once he can understand what we are saying better. All he understands right now is "no" and that isn't what he wants to hear!

Now then, I believe we are all caught up!  I promise to do better and take more pictures too!

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