Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Dear 15 year old me:

I heard the Brad Paisley song "letter to me" and it got me thinking. What would I want to tell myself or warn myself of? Would I even want to? I decided there were a few things that needed to be said. I know the whole "I don't want to change a thing because it got me where I am today" saying - whatever, if you change some things you may end up with even better things than you have now. It goes both ways. So, here we go:

Dear 15 year old me:

Just in case you don't believe this is 29 year old you - I know about the mattress and pillow tags you buried at the Barling house - FYI: it is not a "penalty under law" to remove the tags if you paid for the mattress and pillows.

I first want to tell you to stick with your friends - you will have a few close ones  but there is one who is never going to let you down and always be there and understand you - stay close to Cassie. She will move (you will learn she is a traveler and doesn't stay put long) but keep putting out the effort - it is worth it.

Don't try to move everything into your dorm room - you will not be there very long. Soon you will be on to living in the luxery of shag carpeting and a refrigerator that squeals constantly.

Don't worry about any boys - Nathan is coming right at the perfect time in your life when you need him and those other boys do not even compare.

Save your money - put $20 a week back for a savings, Social Security isn't looking too hot these days and you will be glad to have the cushion later in life.

Go visit Grandma Gunn. I know she is stubborn and can be a pain but she loves you and you will regret it a few years later.

MAKE your dad eat healthy and exercise - he has a bad heart and the earlier he starts this the better.

When your mom tells you not to go anywhere because of a snowstorm, listen to her. It will save you from anxiety attacks from snow covered roads later.

Your mom is your biggest fan - you can always tell her anything. Always.

Billy Jack will always hug you when he says "bye" - hug him tight each time. God needs him sooner than he needs us.

Do not give up on being a mom. You will have to work alot harder at it than most, but it will happen and it will be worth all the tears and frustration.

Let Nathan speed on the way to the hospital when you are delivering your first miracle - it is the only chance at an epidural you have got!

Invest some money in the Apple corporation - they are going places :)

Do not swim in the ocean - you are allergic to seaweed! It is rare, so of course it will happen to you!

Straight from here to the emergency room!

Do not go canoeing with Nathan. You two are the most incompatible canoe team ever. Trust me, it will save you from a two mile walk down the bank of the water later.

Your brother Eli has rough times ahead. You fight alot now, but you will become good friends later. He is going to need you alot over the next 10 years, try to be there for him starting now.

Gavin DeGraw is going to change your world - you will see.

Your life turns out good - better than most! You have some hard times ahead still, but you are stronger than you know. See you in about 15 years!

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