Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Cheating on winter...

I was a hardcore winter person - I loved it when it is cold and I can bundle up and not have to show off my whiteness and be comfortably warm every day. Then I had Noah. I am not sure if everyone knows this or not but kids get sick in the winter. They cough and have alot of snot - for long periods of time. Then, they give it to their parents. Also, it is basically impossible to fit a warm coat and your kid under the straps of a carseat comfortably. Impossible. So, I warm the car up and put a jacket on Noah and rush him to the car and then rush him into the sitters house. It is hard not to feel like a bad mom when you are all bundled up and warm and your kid has a light jacket on - not to mention what other people think. So, as much as I am naturally a winter person, I am reluctantly giving in to nicer warmer temperatures being my "favorite". I am white, very white - and I do not like to tan. I don't like tanning beds and I don't like to get sunburns (it is like I can instantly feel the cancer on my skin). So, this new favorite season of mine is going to take some getting used to. Hopefully the summer will be mild like our winter - 70's!

We had a spring-like day last week and I just got the idea to take Noah to the park. He loves to be outside and our yard at home is very steep all around the house so it makes it hard to play much so we don't go outside a lot. He just kept running around and squealing with delight! It is so cute to watch. I went down the slide with him once and he loved it. The next time he did not want me to go down with him. Momma was not ready for that. He is only one year old! Nathan took him up the next time and just let him go (because Daddy's in general are a little less fearless like that) and Momma had a mini-heart attack, but Noah screamed "WEEEE" and ran off to do something else. My baby goes down the slide by himself. How did that happen. We played with pine cones, acorns, and watched cars go by. We didn't want him to get too hot because he still had a cough, so we only stayed about 30 minutes. Noah was not wanting to leave, but he eventually got over it.

There goes my brave boy going down the slide by himself!

It is blurry - but I got his first slide by himself!

Watching the cars go by :)

Headed to the car - it was a fun day!

I can't wait to let him run around outside like this on a more regular basis. Go away sickness and cold temperatures - my boy needs to run and scare his momma!

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