Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My Snowy Valentines

I had given up hope on getting any snow this year - the weather has just been so unseasonably warm (which I am not a fan of - I like cold weather!). I haven't been watching the news lately to catch up on the weather because we have been trying to catch up on our DVR shows so I had no idea that it was even predicted to snow! I actually saw it on Facebook! You can find everything you need to know of Facebook! I like the snow but I had ballgames an hour away on Monday that I was wanting to get over with so I really wasn't wanting to have to reschedule - but God had other plans. God wanted me to stay home with Noah and play with him in the snow! God knew I needed it :)

We only got a few inches but it was just enough for Noah, Nathan, and I to have some fun in! It snowed last year but Noah wasn't walking yet so he just kind-of sat around. This year was WAY more fun! He was a little hesitant about walking out in it at first, but then he just took off! I couldn't find his gloves (of all days) only his mittens so he wasn't able to pick up any snow - but he loved having it thrown at him. Nathan threw snow at him over and over and he would just squeal - it was so funny! Nathan would slide across the yard and spray him with snow and even slid with Noah - Noah was in heaven! It took us longer to get ready to go outside that we actually stayed outside. We only stayed outside about 15 minutes because we didn't want Noah to get sick and it was raining a little. He DID NOT want to come in! We had to bribe him with a snack and Mickey Mouse - works every time :) Nathan had to work some during the snow day, but it was really nice to just have a fun relaxing snow day at home.

The next day was Valentines day and there was still quite a bit of snow left on the ground, but the roads were all clear. So, I dropped Noah off at the sitters and he was the only one there! I really like it when he is the only one there - it is rare that he is so his sitter usually does special things with him. They all went to Stoby's for Valentines Day and had a really good time! Nathan and I went to Sweet Treats (as we do almost every day) and had chicken spaghetti - a personal favorite of mine, not so much of Nathan's - but he went because he is awesome like that. Since my ballgames had gotten cancelled the night before and moved to valentines night, I was glad we had went last Friday and celebrated Valentines day. We went to TGI Fridays and Nathan got me a new pillow and Noah got me a new jacket. I waited until Valentines day lunch and gave Nathan his gifts - a massage gift certificate and Noah got him some new sweat pants and shirt. I know some people hate Valentines day and think it is a made up holiday, but love is something to be celebrated. Yes, it should be done all year but I think there is no harm in taking an extra day to show someone you care.

We are bad parents - we didn't technically get Noah anything for Valentines day! Nathan got him a new movie last Friday and there is a new Christian kids DVD I want to get him that came out this week, my mom got him a basket of goodies and my dad got him a Valentines Mickey Mouse so he didn't do without. He is still young and doesn't know any different anyway, but I am making a promise to be more on top of things next year for him! He has his Valentines party Friday and I can't wait to fix up gifts for all his Valentines at daycare!

Hope you all had a great snow day and Valentines day! Even if you aren't in a relationship, you are loved my someone, celebrate that!

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