Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Monkey See, Monkey Do...

A recap, memory, and advice needed:

A little recap from our weekend - it was my weekend off from basketball and it was so nice! Noah and I hung out and played together all day! I felt like a bad mom because I didn't take him outside because the weatherman said it was supposed to be 60 degrees. That night we went out to eat for Nathan's dad's birthday and I didn't feel so bad for not taking Noah out, IT WAS COLD! Apparently the weatherman was mistaken. Nathan said it had been cold all day - he had been outside working on his equipment. I dropped Noah off with my mom because we were going to a nicer restaurant and Noah is still in a bad going out to eat stage and I didn't want to ruin the birthday dinner. We had a nice dinner, the food was great! The we hurried home to get Noah - we missed him and Nathan wanted to spend some time with him before bed since he had been working all day. Sunday was a good church day - the lesson was awesome! It was about God blessing our finances. I really need help/blessing in that area. I don't want to be rich, I want to be comfortable. I feel better after this lesson, I have faith I can do it.

He makes Blue and Mickey kiss all the time - I tried to explain to him they are both boys -
I gave up and just decided they are from Europe.

Money Man :)

Noah is at such a funny stage that I had to write it down for my memories. He is such a repeater of actions, but not words. He repeats everything I and Nathan do - it is so funny and amazing to watch. He "helps" me with laundry (which really consists of him emptying the basket out so he can play with it) and I will shake the clothes out before I fold them and he does the same thing. If Nathan burps, he "burps". I will be holding him and want to get the cat out of the room and to do that I usually clap and they know that means to get out - well, if I am holding him I can't clap so I slap my leg - Noah reaches and slaps his leg too. If I am brushing my teeth, brushing my hair, blowing my nose, or washing my hands - my mini-me is right there doing it too. Now, with that said - he is a one hit wonder when it comes to talking. He will say most anything once - and he will not say it again, ever! He has said some of the cutest and most advanced things (and says them at the right times) - then he will not repeat it and looks at us like we are crazy when we try to get him to do it. I think he is doing it on purpose - the stinker. He does talk, but just the same 10 words he started off with, he refuses to consistently expand his vocabulary. I keep hearing that one day he is just going to start talking and never stop - and if he is storing up all the words he has been saying once lately, he will have a huge vocabulary to take off with!


He loves to wear hats and gloves right now too :)

I dared take Noah to a basketball game last night for the first time since he started walking. When he was smaller he didn't care to sit there and watch and play. From the time we walked in last night until the game was over he wanted down to run around and play about every 5 minutes. I played Mickey Mouse on my phone and fed him snacks the entire time as a bribe so maybe I could watch my nephew play (who did awesome by the way!). After the game was over I let him run all over the court and he just squealed with excitement! The boy loves to run - future track star? Future Forrest Gump? Anyway, my question is - have I waited too long to try to take him? Is it even worth the fight right now or should I just wait until he is older and understands better that he needs to sit - and understands bribes better? I will have other times that I will want go to games, but not an every week thing, as it may be later. So sports moms - what advice do you have? Wait until he is older and try again? Keep taking him and eventually he will get better? Something else?

Daddy chasing Noah around the basketball court

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