Monday, January 9, 2012

Best Weekend Ever - Worst Blogger Ever!

We had one of those weekends that was so busy it wasn't really much break - but it was full of awesome family stuff so it was very worth it! I of course had ballgames Saturday in Dover. We won every game - GO LAMAR! We have so many talented kids this season and it is so much fun to watch them play. After my games were over I had to hurry home to get ready for Trinity's (Noah's babysitters daughter) birthday party. We took off to the party and halfway there I realized I left my purse that had my camera in it - so I have no pictures of this party or the rest of that day! BAD BLOGGER! Noah's babysitter was taking alot of pictures so I hopefully will be able to post some soon. The party was Tangled themed and it was SO cute! There were long braids everywhere and wanted posters of Flynn Rider (the bad buy) and the kids even got to play pin the frying pan on Flynn Riders head! SO fun! Poor Noah goes to daycare with all girls and one baby boy (who isn't old enough to play yet) so he is all the time playing with girl toys. As Trinity was opening her gifts he would play with them. Nathan was beaming with pride as Noah played for an hour with pink pom-poms!

From there we went to my Mom's house for her birthday dinner. My step-dad cooked an awesome dinner and we all just sat and visited, it was nice. My mom got a new Iphone and I got her the otterbox for it. It will be interesting to see her with her new phone, she has an older flip phone, so this is her first smart phone. I expect many phone calls for help - and I have a droid, so this may be tricky.

The next morning we went to church and it was an amazing message. God has never questioned whether we deserved him or his help or not, he just gave it to us. We should not question whether others need it either - just give and help. After church we went and picked up my dad and nephew and headed to a special boys birthday party. It was at an awesome bounce house - we had so much fun! Noah just loves to run around, he didn't even care too much about bouncing. Even at home, when we go outside he just wants to run around. He doesn't care about the toys, just how far and fast he can run. Noah didn't take a nap this day either - too much running around, but he did good with it.

Sliding with Daddy

He rolled around everywhere - he got high-centered on his gut a few times :)

Noah loved the play house at the bounce place :)

The Birthday Boy!

It was a great weekend full of children and family - two of my favorite things!

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