Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I can't stand things being out of place. I was told once I had a child I would get over that - but not me. I still like everything to be picked up and put back where it goes every night before bed - toys, clothes, etc. I am not as much of a clean freak as I wish I was. I wish it bothered me more so my house would always be spotless - but I was once told that happy kids have a dirty house - because they "live" in it and mom is playing with them and not worried about cleaning it all the times. So, I try to balance that out. I just feel very lucky to have all I do and want to take care of it.

My friends and family make fun of me for this, but I alphabetize my DVDs. I remember having all VHS tapes and reluctantly switching over to DVDs. It just seemed like it wasn't that big of a deal to have it on DVD, but once I started not having to rewind things and skipping parts with the push of a button. I still don't know about the whole Blue Ray thing - I am always so far behind the times, so maybe someday! I started buying more and more of them on Black Friday sales when they are less than $2.00, so I got me a little DVD shelf at Wal-Mart 6 years ago. It has worked great, until Noah got mobile! Noah would go over and just start pulling all my DVDs out and throwing them everywhere! We eventually got him trained to stop doing that, but our collection outgrew our little shelf. After I could not fit them on the shelf anymore I would just pile them on top - it looked awful!

Our 5th wedding anniversary came last May and it was the "wood" anniversary. I told Nathan I wanted him to buy me a DVD shelf that had doors (to keep Noah out) and held alot more than our current shelf so we had room to grow. I told him I wanted one that had spots in the doors to hold DVDs - but he informed me that would make it to off-balanced and it wouldn't work. I told him to just make one with doors then. Well, 7 months passed and no DVD shelf, so I informed him that I was buying one with our Christmas money. I found one that matched the other wood in our living room and even had doors that held DVDs - go figure! ;)


After! I love it!

All in alphabetical order - it only makes sense that way after-all!

Nathan did most of the assembly - with a little help from Noah and his tool set :) I love how it turned out. The difference is amazing! My OCD approves!

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