Thursday, January 19, 2012

Tell Me I'm Normal

* My son has random melt downs and I cannot figure out why and I do not try to hard to figure it out. I just chalk it up to him being 1.

* I don't like some people. I have tried, really I have. There are just some people I do not like. I hate this, but have yet been able to shake it.

* I have noticed that the people I don't like, like each other or like the same things. I feel this makes me a consistent hater disliker (hate is such a strong word)  :)
* I do not feel cool enough for the current fashion trends. I have to convince myself I am too cool for clothes I have had for years.

* I cannot stand to watch a child get spanked in public - it makes me literally ill. I am not an anti-spanker but I think it should be a last resort.

* I can say anything behind a computer, but struggle with what I want to say in person.

* I own my favorite song on CD, and it is on my Ipod - but to hear it randomly in a store or on the radio makes me smile.

* I do not understand racism to the point that it angers me. Racism to any race drives me insane. It is 2012 and I cannot believe some ignorance still exists.

* I don't understand Pinterest. I feel so lame. It may be the same thing as me not being cool enough for the current fashions or it may be that I am just not crafty and I don't cook. I will catch on and probably love it once everyone else it over it. Story of my life.

* I think cigarettes should be illegal. They are killing people and I do not see a benefit of them being available legally.

* I don't like constantly being told to enjoy my time with Noah because it flies by - I enjoy it more than anyone knows. It makes me feel like I am under pressure or not smiling enough.
* If I hear "just you wait until Noah starts (fill in negative comment here)" again I am going to scream. I once read "we will decide our own future" and it is so true. Just because one kid is a brat or doesn't like something, doesn't mean all kids are like that. Noah is capable of being a brat, but he is SO good 90% of the time. He is very unique too. All kids are. Don't compare.

I may be the only one who does these things, but I am always wondering if I am the only one who thinks like I do. I am sure to an extent I am, but humor me please! :) If you can't tell me I an normal, at least tell me I am sane!

I have to go - Noah made a Dorito castle - such a creative boy! AHHHH!

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