Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Long Weekend Recap...

We had another good busy weekend. Friday night after my basketball practice Nathan called and said we were going to meet at the local Italian restaurant for dinner with our friend Laikken. We got there and there were 13 tables to be seated ahead of us! This is crazy for our small town!  So, we decided that we could just go to Russellville, 30 miles away, and eat quicker than there. Plus, Noah was with us and he wold not make that wait. So, we headed to Dixie Cafe - one of our favorites! They have a soda fountain area with televisions (always playing cartoons) so it was our best bet for Noah. Noah did pretty good. He is just at that difficult age to take out to eat. He hates the highchair so he sit/stands in the booth beside me and plays with everything on the table. He is also obsessed with dropping everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, under the table followed my a cute little "oh-oh". We all survived and headed home where I got Noah ready and put to bed and us "adults" (that sounds weird) watched a movie.

Saturday I had ballgames all morning  - we won all our games again! Go LAMAR! I then hurried home to pick up the boys for a birthday party. It was at the local recreation center. Since I had ballgames we were about an hour late so all the presents and cake had been done, so we just played on the basketball court. Noah was in heaven! The boy just loves to run! He is happy to just run around everywhere. After that we headed home and Noah and I stayed the rest of the day. Nathan went to a benefit poker tournament for a local softball team. Noah and I went to bed by 9:00, we were both tired!

Air Noah!

Watching the big kids play ball :)

Sunday was an awesome church day! Our church had 260 in attendance! Full is 200, so we are over-full! God is doing great things at the Journey and I am so glad he put this church in my path. It has made changes in my life that are beyond explanation. My prayers have been answered in so many ways lately. God is good, all the time.

Monday was Martin Luther King Day so I was off work. I had an amazing lazy day with Noah! We watched cartoons, ate junk food, and played all day! It was so easy just to be there with him and love him and watch him. He is such a happy baby. I love getting these extra days with him - they are very special. I will cherish these memories when Noah is too cool to spend a day off with me - so I am trying hard to soak it all in!

Cheese :)

He started doing weird looking yoga-like things with this ball!

Wrestling with Daddy before bed :)

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