Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy Blogaversary to me!

Today marks one year since my first blog! I have really enjoyed blogging and hopes others have enjoyed it too! I love having people (some I do not even know) tell me that they love reading my blog - makes me feel famous! HA! But really I love having a record of all the amazing things that have happened over the last year, and Noah can go and look at it someday. I know I would read one that my mom wrote if she would have been able to back then.
2011 was awesome. I won't do a complete recap - that is what the little list of previous blogs is for on the side of the screen. But, I will say alot of my Momma Dreams came true this year - I got to throw a birthday party for my child, have him an Easter basket, play Santa, and watch him grow and learn new amazing things.

To celebrate the new year Nathan and I stayed home with Noah. We just had a lazy day at home and played and watched movies. We waited to eat dinner until after Noah went to bed hoping that would keep us up until midnight - and it did! Nathan went to the grocery store and said he would cook me whatever I wanted for our last meal of 2011 - so I picked pork chops! Nathan makes really good pork chops! So, at 10:00 he cooked dinner and I wanted to watch a movie, but Nathan loves Phineus and Ferb and they were having a marathon so we watched that until about 11:30, then I turned it to Dick Clarks Rockin New Years Eve and we watched it until midnight and I was in bed asleep at 12:05!

Our lazy last day of 2011 - watching Mickey Mouse of course!

Noah having a snack before bed

Nathan cooking me New years dinner :)

How Noah rang in the new year! Noah's last picture of 2011!

The next day we went to church and I was excited - it was my first day to work in the nursery! I had 7 1-2 year olds and it was crazy! I wanted to work in Noah's room so he could get used to me with other kids in case we get blessed with another child. Noah warmed up to me holding other kids about 20 minutes into the hour, and it was fun. I was tired sore the next day, but it was so fun! After that we headed home to let Noah nap - but he decided not to nap! I rocked him for an hour and he just laid there staring at me. Then I put him in his bed where he squirmed around another hour. I finally just got him up. That was the first time ever he has not had a nap! Amazingly enough he was in a good mood all day, with no major meltdowns! After that we had to head to my moms for our annual birthday party for my brother Eli (he is a new years birthday), my mom, my grandma, and my papa. We had to eat our black eyed peas for good luck too! It was a good start to the new year!

I made vegetable squares and strawberry cream cheese pie!

The 4 generation picture!
From left: Savannah, Eli, Grandma Bobbie, Eliza Nell, Mom, Kesha, and Greyson

Eli loves vegetable squares but for some reason he hates Lamar Odom (and I love Lamar)
so I made him vegetable squares and wrote on the package that whoever ate them
admitted that Lamar Odom was the best basketball player ever! HA!

Me chasing Noah up the stairs at the party - the boy never stops!

I hope everyone has enjoyed my last year with me on my blog - and there is much much more to come!

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