Tuesday, December 20, 2011

We needed juice...

Nathan and I still haven't went Christmas shopping - for anyone, at all! I bought Noah some stuff a few months ago and he doesn't actually get the whole concept of Christmas yet, so I am not worried about him. I got him some books and a car, and a little pop up tent. Between that and what his grandparents got him - I think it is enough. Of course, if I can't think of where it is going to go, I have a hard time getting it for him. Nathan mentioned that if he sees something when we go shopping Friday (yes, FRIDAY! The day before Christmas Eve we are doing all of our shopping! I have a feeling this is going to be bad, really really bad) he will get it for Noah.

Sunday after church (where Noah didn't cry when he was left in the nursery at all - for the first time, by the way), I told Nathan we had a small Wal-Mart list of things. Noah was out of juice and there were a few other small things we needed. Nathan volunteered to go while Noah was napping.

Imagine if you will, Nathan comes in with groceries and then springs this on me:

I said "What is that?!"

To which he replied "A bounce house, duh!"

I asked what we were supposed to do with it.

He said "Watch Noah play with it, duh!"

I asked if he read the dimensions before he bought it.

I simply got another "duh" reply.

He claimed it was Noah's Christmas present, then proceeded to blow it up in the middle of the living room so Noah could play with it once he got up from his nap. I didn't ask why in fear of another "duh" reply.

So, when Noah got up he pointed at it, jumped out of my arms and has been playing with it ever since. About 10 minutes after Noah was playing with it and Nathan couldn't see the tv he said "maybe this wasn't such a good idea". HA! DUH! :) SO, it is still inflated in the middle of my living room. I have no idea what we are going to do with it, but Noah is having fun in it - and according to Nathan that is all that matters! Not so much according to my OCD!

He really does LOVE it!

Squealing with Excitement!

His graceful entrance :)

It is even big enough for Momma and Daddy to get in and play too!

Jumped until he dropped!

Noah's cousin Savannah came over to play and got a free hair-do!

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