Thursday, December 22, 2011

Noah's 2nd Christmas

A few things to mark Noah's 2nd Christmas:

Noah saw Santa:

Noah wrote a letter to Santa and it was ran in the local newspaper:

I want to start by saying that I hope we didn’t get off to a bad start when I was screaming and crying for my Momma when I came to see you at the mall - sorry about that, I think we need a long-distance relationship. What I meant to say then was that my name is Noah, I’m one and a half, and I have been a good boy this year! For Christmas I would like some new lego blocks (for Momma to step on) and a toy grill so I can burn things, I mean cook like Daddy! Also, I could use a Power Wheels Jeep to get around outside in - I am not trying to lose all my baby fat just yet. Thanks in advance - I will leave you some milk and cookies again. If Daddy eats the cookies before you get there, check the first cabinet on the left, that is where Momma keeps the good stuff!
Love -
Noah Stillwell

and Noah got his own video from Santa, to view it click here!

This parent stuff is so much fun! It is like you get to experience Christmas as a kid all over again!

Merry Christmas!

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