Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Our Chistmas day...

I finally had the Momma Christmas I dreamed of! I loved wrapping everything up and setting it up for Santa. I got Noah up and fed him breakfast while waiting on Nathan to get up and shower. I told him that we had a limited number of Christmases where we get to sleep in until 8:00 and take showers and eat before presents, so we might as well take advantage.

Santa came!

Tearing in!

Checking out his new books!

He is a professional unwrapper!

He had to check everything out very carefully!
Noah LOVED his toys. Santa brought him a tent and tunnel, some toys and books. He is a professional unwrapper! I loved watching him get excited and rip presents open and play with them. It is just like being a kid all over again! Nathan opened his Santa presents and we all just relaxed for about an hour. Then we had to head to my grandmas. We had lunch at my grandmas and then it was nap time and Noah was ready to go "bye bye" again. I tried to get him to take a picture with me and Noah and my Grandma - something I will love to have later. But, it was too close to nap time and Noah wasn't having it - at least we tried.

This is as good as it got :)

After Noah's nap my mom called and said Santa had left a stocking for Noah at her house. So, Noah and I went over there and opened his stocking. It had a banana in it - of course, the boy eats SO many bananas - he is addicted! It also had a Moon in My Room - it is so cool! It is a night light that looks like the moon on Noah's wall. It even goes through the moon phases like the real moon. Then there was some trucks a football and candy - all favorites of Noah. Santa did good - Noah is blessed!

That night I invited my Dad over for dinner. He doesn't have any family here except for us kids, so I like to have a dinner for him each year. My brother Eli, his wife Kesha, and their kids all came too. The kids all played together and the food was good. It was a good night. Nathan played with baby Greyson alot - I think Nathan has baby fever ;)

Nathan and his buddy Greyson

Eliza Nell working on Noah's truck ;)

Monday I had the day off of work and I was SO excited to do absolutely nothing all day. Noah and I hung out and played with all his new toys and I took the Christmas decorations down. I went with the "less is more" approach this year and was literally done un-decorating and had it all put away in 45 minutes. I also decided to do this while Noah was awake. I usually wait until he is napping to do this, but I thought he was old enough for me to try. He did so good. He tried to help me a little and he kept putting the ornament boxes back on the tree after I took them off, and that was kind-of sad. But, he is getting so much bigger and self-entertains easier. I love this age!

Noah self-entertaining himself while I de-Christmased the house!
I can't wait until next Christmas, Noah is going to be talking so much more and maybe even understanding the whole holiday better. It only goes up from here!

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