Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Years ago - October 25, 2002 to be exact - Nathan gave me a promise ring. We had been dating for 4 years and he gave it to me in the spot where we had our first kiss - the Clarksville Junior High School parking lot. He accidentally dropped it in the emergency brake on my car and we had to fish it back out. I remember it all so clearly. I remember how excited I was to get it and how it seemed like such a big deal - so official! 3 years later I got my engagement ring and wedding rings and never have put my promise ring back on again. I had my promise ring listed in my Will to go to one of my nieces before Noah was born. Now, everything will obviously go to him. Maybe someday he will want to give it to his future wife as a promise to wait for him until the time is right like his Daddy did.

My promise ring

I LOVE my wedding rings! I went ring shopping with Nathan and showed him several I liked and told him he could pick. I was REALLY hoping he would pick the one he did though, it is just amazing. I remember how excited I was when he took my blindfold off the day he proposed and I saw he had gotten me the ring I really wanted. As beautiful as that ring is, I have had several problems with it. The center stone gets loose very easy. After having it worked on 4 times, they ended up telling me that they don't even make that setting anymore and asked me if I would like to upgrade. I am SO sentimental I could never do it. I told them those were my diamonds that were there when he proposed and they were at my wedding, so I wanted those diamonds. They offered me a new ring in the same style that I already had (one of the last rings in that style that they had left). I told them I didn't want new diamonds, I just wanted them to fix the one I had - ridiculous, I know. So, they fixed it. The center stone has been loose for years and just stays that way. I get it inspected every 6 months and they told me as long as I do they will replace it if anything happens.

Nathan with my wedding rings in his boutonniere on our wedding day

 So, I was there getting it inspected this month and not only was the center stone loose, but a side stone too! I have no idea how this happens - Nathan always asks me if I am punching things! HA! So, they had to send my ring off to the jeweler and get it fixed. So for the next two weeks I am single! :) I asked if they wanted to give me a loaner ring while they had mine, but they didn't go for that! :) I felt so naked without a ring on so I started going through my jewelry box and guess what I found?! My promise ring! I forgot about how small and cute it is. I showed it to a few people and I have gotten the "it is so cute" reaction and some facial expressions where you could tell they wanted to laugh. It is just SO different from my wedding ring. I will be wearing it until my rings are ready on December 23rd, and I am glad it is getting some more wear. After all, the promise it still there...

Our wedding rings and my bridal bouquet


  1. How strange, I took mine to get inspected and cleaned this past Saturday. Same thing, they had to send it off because I had a loose stone. I've only had this one since April. I have no idea how that happens, either!!

  2. I have never had a issue with my ring, I can't believe that you have so many problems with yours. If you ever have to replace it, you can take your ring to Newton's and have them turn your wedding ring into something else, that way you will always have the diamonds. I have a necklace that was once a ring and they turned it into a necklace.

  3. I am glad I am not the only one Lea Ann!

    Lacey - Me and the manager are on a first name basis now! I think this is the 7th time I have had to send it off! I forget that me and you have the same ring, different centerstone cut. The centerstone only has a pressure prong and no side prongs, that is the problem with why it is always loose. They told me it will just always be loose. I didn't realize you could do that with rings - good to know! Lord knows I will never get rid of them! :)