Tuesday, December 27, 2011

It's the most EXHAUSTING time of the year!

I said it at Thanksgiving, and not a whole lot has changed since then. Holidays with a toddler is exhausting! I literally chased Noah around 3 houses ALL DAY LONG on Christmas Eve. This too shall pass and someday I will wish Noah needed me to chase him around and keep him out of trouble (ok, he may need me to when he is a teenager too!). Don't get me wrong, I love Noah and all his energy, but holiday schedules and food and unfamiliar houses make for a crazy toddler. By the time we got to the last house on Christmas Eve Noah kept saying "Momma bye bye" over and over again. He was done and just wanted to go home. I hope everyone understood and didn't think he was just a brat. At that point, I honestly didn't care if anyone understood, I wanted to go bye bye too!

We started the morning off with brunch at my moms house. I love that we do brunch because it is a whole different type of food than what we eat at all the other parties. I made breakfast casserole and it was SO good - if I do say so myself. I rarely cook, so when I do and it is edible, I get excited! Noah got a grill from my mom and step-dad - it is so cute! It is all wood and it came with wooden food too. His cousin drew his name and got him Toy Story Mr. Potato heads - they came with outfits to dress them like Woody, Buzz, and Jessie! I love it! Noah loves it too because he is all about putting things together and taking them apart and body parts! Perfect! Nathan and I got some gift cards - which are perfect for us, we are picky about our clothes :)

Noah running around at my moms.

Noah with his new Woody potato head.

Noah's new grill!

It came with cute wooden food!

We went home from there so Noah could take a nap and I could unload Christmas presents and put together Noah's grill. Noah's nap was short - it is like he knew he needed a good nap for all the places we had to go and decided "Nah, not today!". So, as soon as he woke up we were off to Nathan's parents house. Noah got a puzzle and a Cars 2 bag, clothes, and some money for his savings! He is one loved little boy! Nathan and I got some more gift cards and I got a digital picture frame. Noah was running around their house like crazy - I had to get him out of the shower twice! The boy has energy that doesn't quit!

Noah was hiding in Nathan's moms room - Boo!

Noah in front of Meanie Donna's (Nathan's mom) tree.

Noah turns the lights and fan off and on with a remote and has to close his
 eyes when the lights come on! He is so silly!

From there we went to Nathan's grandparents. I was already exhausted at this point so I had Nathan take the long way there so I could sit down and relax for a minute. I was dreading this one for two reasons: stairs and porcelain dolls. We have a big flight of stairs at home and Noah never wants to play on them. They have 3 steps into their living room and 3 into a bedroom and I cannot count how many times he went up and down them. Noah wanted to touch every porcelain doll there was. So, for 2 hours I followed him around - up and down the stairs and keeping him away from the dolls. This was the house he started the "bye, bye" at and never quit until we left. He even melted down when opening presents. He was just over it all. He got lots of cars and trucks at this party - so all the big boys (Nathan and his brother Brandon) ended up taking them over and racing them - they are big kids! :) We played the lamest game of dirty santa - no one stole anyones gift! I guess everyone was happy with what they got - next year I expect it to be dirtier!

The Stillwells 2011

Nathan's family: Nathan's brother Brandon and his wife Whitney
Nathan's mom Donna and dad Chuck
Me, Nathan, and Noah

This was all just on Christmas Eve - I am too tired from re-living it all to even start on Christmas day - more on that later!

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