Monday, December 12, 2011

A Gibbons Law Office Christmas!

We decorated the office last week. We moved into this office 5 1/2 years ago and started decorating with these big ornaments and snowflakes hanging from the track lighting and some other decorations here and there. It always seems like it is going to be so much work so no one wants to go to storage and get the decorations, but it never ends up taking very long and it always looks so good!

My office decorations.

Tammy and Laikkens area decorations

Our Stockings

Laikkens tree

Nativity Scene

We draw names at work and it always seems to work out that Laikken and I get each others name and Iva Nell and Tammy get each others names. This always works good because me and Laikken got each other the exact same thing - Buckle giftcards, and Iva Nell and Tammy got each other close to the same thing - sweater jackets. We always get our guys gag gifts and the kids a toy. Noah got Rockstar Mickey - perfect for him! There was so much going on at the party he didn't pay him much attention, but I have a feeling we will be hearing Mickey rock out for awhile at home. Tammys boys got lego sets and they were very excited. Now, on to the guys presents. We made them calendars. Not just any calendar, calendars with their faces and other peoples bodies! It was awesome. Some of the pictures I am not allowed to put on the internet, I was threatened with my life. But there are a few that I was given permission for!

David - Iva Nell's husband - checking out the calendar

Blake and Laikken

Danny and Tammy

Nathan checking it out

Iva Nell reading the script that went along with each month

Noah played in between the two front doors forever!

Then they drug an old cozy coupe out and he drove it around

We had a great time!
 And now, calendar pictures:
Blake as a mall cop (Blake just got accepted into troop school and he is working his way up!)  :)

The women of Gibbons Law Office on our last beach vacation! ;)

July sure is a hot month!

Our Jersey Shore Men!

Nathan Swayze!

Nathan can't decide if he is Team Edward or Team Jacob!

Merry Christmas from Gibbons Law Office!

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