Monday, January 30, 2017

A Celebration of Life

I got a message that I hated to receive last weekend - one of my oldest and dearest friends father had passed away. This friend was one that I had been friends since Church Camp over 20 years ago and even though we lived over an hour away from eachother, we always kept in touch. We were eachothers bridesmaids, vacationed together and were sure to make the birth of eachothers children. Then our lives got busy and over the years we didn't see eachother as much. We kept up with eachother on Facebook (thank God for Facebook - being able to keep up with friends near and far are why it is so important to me) but had not actually gotten together in a few years. When her husband messaged me with the news about her dad, I just knew I had to be at the service.

Noah had a ballgame so Nathan had to stay and coach so I went alone. When I got to the Church it was crowded but I spotted my friend. To my surprise she seemed to be holding it together well, smiling and hugging people. I made my way to her and came up behind her. I tapped her on the shoulder and she turned around and as soon as she saw me we both started crying and hugging. She said she had held it together fine until she saw me - I was the same way. I guess it was just the reality of why we were back together in that moment hit us both hard.

This was a celebration of life instead of a funeral and it was a first for me. It was actually amazing! Lots of people stood up and told stories of my friends father and we laughed and laughed. His widow and son even stood up to tell stories - I cannot even imagine, but also found it amazing that they were able to do that. I really hope that there are people who will want to and be able to stand up at my service and tell good things on me - Nathan won't be able to, he is a big old softy :) It was so nice to catch up with my friend, even for just a minute. We have already made plans to get together in a few weeks and I am so glad - it has been way too long and life is way too short!

The rest of the Saturday was spent at home. I cleaned, the kids played and we watched another Harry Potter - only 5 more to go :)

Sumo lunch with these two crazy kids
Sunday, after church, we went to Noah's favorite for lunch - Sumo. Funny thing happened there - the waitress refilled everyones sweet teas at the table and everyone started looking around at eachother and one actually spit hers out in a napkin. The waitress had put salt instead of sugar in the tea!! I looked around and saw people taking a drink and reacting the same way at other tables too! I felt bad for her - but it was pretty funny too! After lunch we went to get Nathan a tie for the Father Daughter Dance coming up and Nathan wanted to get Noah himself a video rocker to play games in. The kids LOVE the video rocker and have literally not got out of it since we got it. Ryan threw a fit when I wouldn't let her eat supper in it! They shared it during movie night Sunday night while we watched Storks - it was so cute :)

Now for a fun week of basketball and ballet followed by a Super Bowl weekend! Go Commercials! ;)

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