Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Shopping, Bowling & Dinosaurs!

On Saturday, Nathan was golfing in a fundraiser tournament so the kids and I spent the day in Fort Smith. Ryan has a Daddy Daughter Dance coming up so we needed to find her a dress for it - plus we always are looking for a good excuse to eat at a good restaurant. We got lucky and found the dress at the first place we went but it took 4 more stores to find a jacket for the dress, and then there was shoes of course. Plus, we had to get Nathan's dad a birthday present. The kids were so good through all the stores - one of those days I felt I was raising them right ;)

Enjoying a massage while shopping
We had lunch at Texas Roadhouse. It has become one of our favorites to take the kids. Noah loves their steak (a new thing for our picky eater) and Ryan (as gross at this sounds) loves making applesauce cheeseburgers and hot dogs there. The bread is great too - the kids and I may have had 3 baskets of it :) Plus the servers line dance in the isle - and Ryan was so excited she had to stand in the booth and dance too!

We made it home just in time to meet Daddy for dinner and bowling. The kids love bowling and we have not took them in months. I won the bowling game, but Ryan was right behind me! :)

Sunday we decided to surprise the kids with an adventure after Church. We let them guess what it could be the whole hour drive there - even telling them we were going underwear shopping or to the booger museum. They were pleasantly surprised to see the surprise was Jurassic Quest! I have been watching this event for years and was so excited when it was finally going to be close enough to take the kids. My cousin Talen and her family met us there. We had the best day riding dinosaurs, looking at exhibits, petting baby dinosaurs, digging for fossils, making crafts and lots more! We kept going back and forth on whether or not to take the kids to this, but I realized that Noah is almost 7. Seven years old, already. We are almost to the end of when he will enjoy this kind of stuff so I want to take advantage of any opportunity to see the excitement he has when we do something he loves.

After a quick dinner, we had to hurry back to visit with Meme Donna and Papa Chuck and give Papa his present since that was his actual birthday. Such a fun weekend full of memories. Now to finish Spirit Week at school and see what other adventures we can find this weekend!

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