Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Snow Finally!

Noah and Ryan were so excited that we finally got some snow to play in Friday! We didn't get any in our area last year so Ryan has no memory of every playing in the snow and Noah cried when Spring hit last year and he realized we were not going to get any snow. I was expecting a light dusting or maybe an inch, but we got over 2 inches!

Of course the phone started ringing at 6:00 a.m. with people wanting Nathan to come plow snow so he didn't get to take a snow day with us - but we are thankful for the work even when the weather is bad. Noah got up around 7:30 and I told him to look out the window. He came back to my bed and yelled "Ice Man came!" He was so happy! I told him we would go play in it when Ryan woke up. Of course Ryan slept until 10:00 (she likes her sleep like her Daddy). When Ryan woke up I told her to look out her window and she said "Elsa came!" I love how they both had people they blamed the snow on :)

Ryan didn't even want to eat breakfast before going out to play in the snow! It took me about 20 minutes to get us all bundled up. It wasn't snow man snow or snow ball snow but the kids had a blast in it anyway. I was amazed at Ryan - she flopped right down on her back and made snow angels. I asked her how she knew to do that (since this is her first real snow) and she said "everyone knows how to make snow angels" :) The kids favorite part was cleaning the snow off our cars for some reason - which was fine by me so it wouldn't refreeze on them later. After about 10 minutes their hands were cold and they were done - also fine by me :)

A week earlier I planned a date night for Nathan and I with our friends Eric and Sunny for that night. We wanted to try a new restaurant out (The Old Bank) and watch a movie and try out an Escape Room. I was afraid the winter weather was going to ruin our plans. Luckily, the roads were all clear by the afternoon and we were able to keep our date. Unfortunately we were not able to go to The Old Bank, they closed about 15 minutes before we got there because they were scared the roads were going to get bad again (not sure why, but that is what they said). So, we went to another place we liked, Fat Daddy's BBQ. After dinner and drinks we went to see Why Him and I was so glad it was showing in the VIP recliners - those things are so comfortable! The movie was better than I thought it was going to be - I was afraid they showed all the good parts in the preview - but I laughed until I almost cried on certain parts - it was great! Then it was off to the Hourglass Escape Room. I have heard how fun these are and have really been wanting to give it a try. We chose the Lost escape room. It was a pirate themed room and we had an hour to use clues in the room to find the pirates treasure and unlock it. We had the option to use 3 clues at certain times throughout the hour - none of us wanted to use the clues, but eventually we had to. It was hard but so much fun! The owner (who watches you on a camera while you try to solve it) said we did really well and he couldn't believe how quickly we got some of the numbers. I am ready to go back and do another one!

Saturday we had a birthday party for the daughter of the kids babysitter, Trinity. Her mom is so good at decorating and she had the cutest Descendant's party. After that we decided to have dinner at The Sizzler and have a movie night with the kids at home.

Movie Night
On Sunday, Noah and I went back to the movies to see Sing again with our cousins Talen and Ian. Noah really wanted to see it again so we decided to take them up on their date offer. Ryan didn't want to see it again so she and Daddy had a little lunch date :) Ian and Noah are so much alike and I loved watching them have the same reactions to the different parts of the movie. We spent the rest of our day reading books and playing playstation. 

This was the end of what seemed like a really long Christmas break. We were all ready to get back to our normal routine of basketball practice and games, ballet, school, work, church and whatever else we can squeeze in!

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