Tuesday, January 3, 2017

2016 Review and the Start of 2017

Just like that 2016 is gone! 2016 seemed like a crazy year on the national level (celebrity deaths, new president, police shootings, etc.) but here in my world it seemed pretty normal. Not too much crazy, just another year of awesome memories! A few of my favorite memories from 2016 would be Noah learning to read, Ryan looking even more beautiful in glasses, Noah played basketball, Ryan started ballet, our mini-vacations, Noah played t-ball,  Noah was crowned Little Mister Johnson County, lots of time at the movies with my little fellow movie lovers, both kids playing soccer, making new friends I cannot imagine my life without now, and of course Disney World!

We bid goodbye to 2016 in a very low-key way. I cleaned house and put away Christmas decorations while Nathan golfed. That evening we went to our local restaurant and bar and had dinner and taught the kids how to play shuffle board - they were actually pretty good at it and loved playing it. Then we went home and the kids and Nathan played on the Play Station while I cooked food for the party we were having the next day. Nathan fell asleep about 9:30 p.m. and the kids fell asleep around 11:00. Then it was just me at Patrick Swayze ringing in the new year together :)

My brother's birthday is on New Years Day and my grandparents and mom's are in the first week of January so we always have a party for them all on New Years day. This is usually the only party I host at my house. My house is just small and not laid out right to have lots of people in it and I always feels like everyone is on top of eachother at my house when they are there - but they all act like they don't mind (probably because they don't want to host either - ha!). I made my brothers favorite - vegetable squares. We had some sandwiches and black eyed peas of course. Then ice cream cake and banana pudding for the birthday people.

My work observed the new year holiday on Monday the 2nd and it just so happened to rain so I got Nathan to take off work with me and do a little shopping. I used all of our Christmas money on new faucets for all the sinks in the house and cabinet pulls for the kitchen. So, we went and picked out our new faucets and then lunch at our favorite TGI Fridays. Then we went by one of our favorites - Wilkinsons Mall! After that we had to hurry back for basketball practice. We have games starting next week already so we had my dad come over and help teach the kids some plays. I really love that my dad is still around and able to come help with my kids sports - they have no idea what a special coach their grandpa is!

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