Thursday, December 29, 2016

Basketball, Golf and a Health Scare!

Nathan decided to take up golfing awhile back and has pretty much been begging me to join him ever since. I was not excited about it - it didn't really look like anything I would like and it looks complicated. Plus, I did not want to leave the kids on the weekend to go golf when I don't get to see them enough throughout the week. So, when I was off Monday for Christmas and I had to pay for daycare whether the kids went or not, I decided to go ahead and send them and go golfing with Nathan. He told me he would take me golfing before we went with other people so I would be more comfortable. Well, apparently there were 3 other couples going Monday and I didn't realize that. So, there was panic and maybe even a few tears when we got there and I was trying to figure out how to do it before everyone go there. I was just really not wanting everyone to watch me learn how to play and be really bad at it - I like to do that more privately ;) Well, Nathan assured me that no one that was coming was really good and that they didn't play much either. - but I still wasn't very happy.

At the first hole, the first girl went (Celia who shall remain nameless) and she missed the ball twice and I immediately felt better! I felt silly for being so worried about it, but I was really afraid that everyone was going to be a lot more used to it than me and I was going to be holding everyone up. I really did have a good time and I was told we didn't come in last place so that made me feel better too! I am probably the most least competitive person ever - losing is not that big of a deal to me, I have just always been that way. Nathan is a lot more competitive and hard on himself so he wasn't thrilled with his performance but still managed to have a good time. I managed to keep the same ball all day and even hit it in the air over the water both times we had to so I was happy with myself :) My only complaint is that my back is really sore now! Apparently I was using all kinds of muscles I wasn't aware of!

Looking for his ball ;)

Also Monday was Noah's first basketball practice! When we went to try outs only one person had signed up to coach 5 of the Clarksville teams, so Nathan got volunteered to coach :) The first practice went ok. Noah was extra whiney that day and got his feelings hurt a few times during practice, but did pretty good at the skills stuff. All the boys did good and the coach survived too :)

Ryan had a cold and low grade fever so I took her in to see the doctor. I had a urinalysis done to make sure that a UTI wasn't the reason behind her fever. The results came back with sugar in her urine. Her doctor said it wasn't a whole lot but enough he felt it needed to be followed up on. He sent us down to the lab for a blood sugar test (for the record, finger pricks on a snotty 4 year old that gags when she cries is a lovely experience). Her sugar was 135, with 70-120 being normal. So, the doctor ordered a fasting blood sugar test for this morning to rule out diabetes. I didn't worry too much about it last night, but if I started thinking about it too much it started to get overwhelming. We went in for the finger prick early this morning (since we had an 8:00 dentist appointment they let us come in extra early, especially since she was fasting) and I was relieved her score was 71! Her doctor said that it was just probably from her breakfast yesterday since she ate lots of fruit and carbohydrates. So, thankfully we dodged that huge lifestyle change! Thanks to all those that prayed for Ryan and her test results - she is so excited to get to still enjoy her sugary snacks!

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