Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Presents and Parties

Friday night it was Ryan's time to shine! Ryan loves going to ballet and tap and was so excited about her recital. When it got time for me to leave her backstage she got a little nervous but one of her sweet friends helped calm her down. Practices are closed to parents - which works great for us! Ryan does so much better with me not watching her and it gives me and Noah some special one-on-one time each week. Since we cannot watch practices, recitals are when I get to see what all Ryan has been working on for 6 months! It was such a cute show and I could tell Ryan was having a great time and loves to be on that stage.

Ryan was the train caboose :)

Saturday was supposed to be the Christmas parade but due to the rainy forecast it was postponed a week. So, we decided to take the day and get all of our Christmas shopping done since we wouldn't have much time left once we get back from Disney World. Even though it was raining and cold, we had such a great day. The kids were really good and even ate their food at the restaurants - which is kind-of rare for them. We got 99% of our shopping done and managed to have fun doing it.

Shopping massages - Noah liked them, Ryan was a little worried.

After church Sunday we went to my friend Amber's mothers house for a gingerbread house party. Her family has a longstanding tradition of doing this and was gracious enough to invite us in on the fun this year. It was sticky, messy, but so much fun. All the kids houses looked so different but so awesome! This was our first time ever to make a gingerbread house and the kids will want this to be a new tradition I am sure. After our houses were done the kids went outside and played on the farm with the other kids at the party - they love getting to play outside, especially with friends. So, we had to drag them away crying when it was time to go. After a quick stop to change clothes and clean up from the farm play we went on a luggage run. On our last trip to Disney our suitcase ended up coming back with a tear in it and pretty stained up. We found a great deal on some new hard sided luggage so hopefully it holds up better.

Noah's finished product!
Ryan's finished product!
Monday was the start of our Christmas parties. That day was my office party. We take the day and go Christmas shopping and out to eat. That way no one has to host it and we get some shopping done. It is one of my favorite traditions. That night we went to the Christmas party for all the Peach Festival Royalty.  The kids played games and we had finger foods. It was such a fun night and they were sweet to include Ryan in everything too :)

After the party, we made a quick run to the light tree in town for some pictures. It is a tradition and we wanted to get it done before the polar vortex got here.

Tuesday our church held a banquet for the people who serve at the church. It was such a nice event to show their appreciation to those who serve and give. We wish we could do more and are going to try to do and give more in 2017. The food was good, the message was great and it was nice to visit with our church friends.

Now, after another Christmas party and a parade we finally get to leave for Disney! The most magical time of year sure feels a little extra magical this year :)

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