Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Friday, Saturday, Sunday Funday!

Friday night we went on a family date to eat pasta before we ditched the kids for a quick date to the movies :) I wanted to see Hidden Figures before it went off so we ran over to the late movie while Meme came and had a movie night with the kids.

Saturday we went to Noah's ballgame. He did pretty good - went after the ball some and ran around a lot - his attention wasn't the best, but he looked pretty much like all the other kids on the team. Then the kids and I went out for Mexican while Nathan went to a fundraiser for a friend. After that we had to go shopping for Nathan something to wear to the Daddy Daughter Dance coming up. He had ties and he had a suit but nothing that went together. He wanted a few options for the dance, but also for a funeral and weddings he will officiate that he has coming up. I had to get creative with the kids while suit shopping for over an hour, and they were really good. They filled out credit card applications, danced in front of the mirrors and talked to the mannequins. We got the perfect suit and no one was harmed - I call that a success!

Filling out his credit application ;)

"Mom, come check out our Army" :)

Sunday after church we decided to go one a drive to look at land or cabins to buy. The weather was really nice and the kids LOVED having the windows down! Then we took them for their first time to the Swingin' Bridge. When we were going across it Noah said "if I fall and die, this was all worth it" - I would say he was having a great day :)

Since it was Super Bowl Sunday we headed home to grill steaks and watch the game - and what a game it was! The first ever overtime in Super Bowl history! I saw a few commercials I loved too - especially the Audi one since I have a daughter :)

It was such an amazing family filled weekend of doing a whole lot of nothing, but a lot at the same time. Now on to our busy week of ballet, a funeral, basketball practice, basketball pictures, basketball game and finally a Daddy Daughter Date and a Momma Son Date :)

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