Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Love is in the air...

We have been celebrating love here lately! First off was the long awaited Daddy Daughter Dance at our church. As soon as we saw the announcement about this dance Nathan said "we will be going to this" :) Of course Ryan wanted to go - not only does she like to dance all the time but she thinks she is going to marry her daddy :) We did the dance right and even got a corsage and boutonniere. Nathan said she was so excited and danced in the truck the whole way there. Thankfully he sent me lots of pictures and videos so I could see how much fun she was having. I know this is something she will always remember and I am hoping to make it an annual tradition. I never got to do one of these when I was a child - even though my dad did take me to a New Kids on the Block concert all by himself and he even crimped my hair before the show :)

While Nathan and Ryan were out, Noah and I were making memories of our own. The Lego Batman movie came out the same day as the dance so we decided to have a Mother Son date night too. First we went to "chips and dip" (as Noah calls it) for dinner and then the movie. The movie was really good - lots of adult humor (nothing inappropriate) so Noah and I both laughed - a lot (Noah slightly louder than me) :)

Noah had a ballgame Saturday and then we decided to find something to do outside since we were lucky enough to get 85 degree weather in February. We tried to think of a hike to go on, but decided to check out the new walking trail here in town. The walk was almost 2.5 miles and the weather was perfect for it. The turn around point was McDonalds - which was perfect for a cookie break :)

Snoozing on our walk :)
Saturday night we had a living room campout! We made our own pizzas, got the air bed out and watched Dennis The Menace :) The kids LOVED that movie - which is one of me and Nathan's favorites so it was so cool to laugh along with the kids while watching it.

I know a lot of people do not like Valentine's Day, but I love it. Love is such a special thing and I feel celebrating it extra once a year is important. I got the kids up early so they could open their Valentines from me and Nathan. On Noah's first Valentine's Day we got him a huge bear and he still sleeps with it to this day. So, Ryan asked if she could get one for this Valentines Day. So, she got that and a Hei Hei from Moana. Noah asked for a Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings game. The kids elves made a quick appearance and brought them Valentines too - a Minecraft guy, baby Moana and some chocolates. Ryan got Noah a WWE cartoon and Noah got Ryan the Moana soundtrack - which we have been listening to on repeat. Nathan gave me a massage certificate, roses and chocolates (about the chocolates - Nathan said "I don't know what hazelnuts are but they were $9 a box so they better be good). Nathan got a new golf bag which he took to the golf course when it came in two weeks ago, but he did open all the Die Hard movies and a new pull-over on Valentines Day.

I was able to go to Noah's class Valentine party with him. They had ice cream sundaes and I brought a craft to do with the class. I taped the word LOVE on a canvas (with a heart for the O) and they colored them and then took the tape off to reveal the word still in white. They acted like they really liked it and they all turned out so different and so good! Noah was cracking me up during the party. He was telling the kids "please work hard on this and don't mess them up, my momma worked really hard on these" :)

I requested one of my favorite meals (shrimp boil) for our Valentine dinner so Nathan made that for us. Other than that we didn't do anything special on Valentine's Day. Just family dinner, and fell asleep watching the news - like old boring people :)

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