Monday, September 26, 2016

Homecoming, Celebrating Ryan and Soccer

Last week was Spirit Week for Homecoming so we got to celebrate all week with themed days at school. Noah was fine with every day, but he was hesitant about Decade Day. Our cheapest and easiest option was to make him a hippy - and he was not excited. But, I went to eat lunch with him that day and he said "Momma, being a hippy is actually fun! But, teachers keep saying I am a Disco guy - whatever that is" :) We went to the game Friday and it still surprises me how good the kids are at the game and how much they enjoy it. We lost the game, but it was really close and came down to the last minute so it was fun to watch.

'Merica Day
Team Jersey Day
Favorite Holiday Day
Decade Day

Panther Day

Saturday was finally party day for Ryan! She wanted a Lion King party at the movie theater so that is exactly what she got! We partied with about 40 friends and family and then watched Storks in 3D. The decorations and food all turned out so good and Ryan said she had "the best party ever" so I say it was perfect!

Cheetah Chesseball
Tiger Tails
Cub Sandwiches
Grubs :)
Apple Nachos
Cupcake Bar!

Sunday morning we went to church and lunch then it was time for the kids first soccer games! I am so happy with how well the kids did! For the first time in years we didn't have the kid crying, playing in the dirt or wondering around lost. Now, that may totally change next week, but it was nice to enjoy for a week. It was not overly hot, but it was definitely warm - but there was a breeze and with umbrella shade it was tolerable. Both kids came very close to scoring a goal - which amazed me for the first game. Neither of them said anything about being hot or tired or anything, so I know they had to be having fun.

Daddy got to get in on the fun at halftime too :)

After the game we went home and washed all the sweat, sunblock and dirt off. Then Meme came over to watch the kids while Nathan and I wen to see Magnificent Seven. Now, I never saw the original (I am not much on old westerns) but I thought it was really good! I really like all the modern westerns I have seen and this one was just as good - it had all the crucial elements - standoffs, comedy, sadness and love.

Now for a week of taking a couple hundred things to Rhea Lanas before I get to go shopping for new fall clothes for the kids and my brother is getting married!

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