Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Labor Day Weekend Fun!

We packed so much into this Labor Day weekend! First off was the 3rd annual Battle on 64 football game between Lamar and Clarksville. I love both schools - I have a lot of family and friends that attend Lamar. Lamar has won this battle the first two years and my brother has never stopped letting me hear about it. I am not a competitive person so I just go with it :) But, I have to say when Clarksville won this year it was extra special! I haven't heard a word from my brother plus it seemed to silence some of those Lamar "fans" online saying that our boys didn't even deserve the new field that our amazing community came together and donated to them since they never win a game - well they won now! Our new field is beautiful and I am so glad that those that were able to make it happen chose to do so! The kids loved the game and with all the excitement we stayed until the very end with no complaints! The game ball was parachuted in - which was amazing! Both the kids got megaphones and were cheering on the Panthers to their win - it was a great night! It was very nostalgic for Nathan and I - it really felt like it did 17 years ago when we went to Friday night football games together.

All ready to cheer on the Panthers!

Saturday morning the kids and I met my mom to walk (at least walking was my plan) a 5k my brother and his fiance were throwing to raise money for our church mission trip. My mom asked me to join her the day before so I wasn't really prepared for anything more than a nice walk. I brought the wagon for Ryan to ride in when she didn't want to walk. Once the race started Noah took off running and I kept waiting for him to slow down. Then he got out of sight and I was worried so I left Ryan in the wagon with mom while I took off to find Noah. Apparently Noah is quite the runner because he didn't stop until over 2 miles in! I finally caught up with him at a water stop! I told him to go ahead and run to the end but to stay on the white line. Then I had to go back and get the wagon from my mom and pull Ryan until about 1/8th of a mile from the finish where she got out and ran across the finish line :) Ryan got first place for 10 and under girls and Noah got 2nd place for 10 and under boys - they were so excited about their medals!

After that we had to get our Razorback clothes on and take a picture to commemorate the first day of Razorback football! We have always taken a picture with a rock in town with a Razorback painted on it but unfortunately that was moved and it about to fall over so we had to find a new spot. The only other place I could think of was a big Razorback mural I had seen on the way to Centerville in Russellville. So, the kids and I went to take our new picture and since we were in Russellville anyway we might as well get some Cracker Barrel :)

Saturday afternoon we had a birthday party for Noah's friend Ty. It was a water slide party and the kids had the best time even though neither one of them would go down the slide! Ryan was too scared since she went down the last one and Noah decided this one was taller than the last one and he wasn't doing it. But, the boys all ran around fighting bad guys and Ryan loved tagging along to that and splashing around in the pool at the bottom of the slide. After the party we enjoyed some Mexican food for dinner  - we wrote the kids names on their salsa with cheese dip and for a few minutes we were the coolest parents in the world :)

Sunday the kids and I went to church and then met Daddy at the Country Club where he was golfing for lunch. Then the kids and I went swimming at the Country Club pool while Daddy finished golfing.

Sunday night Nathan and I were finally able to see "Greater". Wow. It was such an amazing movie! I had heard it was and it didn't disappoint!  I had always heard about the Brandon Burlsworth Foundation when I went to Razorback football games and seen the section of Burl's Kids but never knew the amazing story behind it. I am not a cryer - but I knew this movie was going to get me. But, it wasn't the normal sad things that got me. It was the mom and son stuff that got me - Brandon Burlsworth reminded me so much of Noah. The sweetest boy who is always trying to help others and do the right thing. One scene was where Brandon and his mother were leaving eachother and she flashed her brake lights 3 times to him meaning "I love you" and he did the same. Nathan looked over at me laughing with the biggest smile and said "you know what I am going to say right?" and I just said "shut-up" with tears running down my cheeks - yes, that is totally something I can see Noah and I doing!

Monday was Labor Day and the kids requested a beach trip so that we can finally mark off building a sand castle from our Summer Bucket List. So, before it got hot and crowded we went over to Lake Ludwig. The kids had the best time and it was nice to sit in the sun and relax. After that we headed home to decorate the house for fall :) We got all our fake pumpkins out and scarecrows and lit our fall candles - it was nice :) We ended our weekend with drive-thru dinner a drive with Daddy up the mountain - perfect end to our 3 day weekend :)

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