Monday, September 12, 2016

Kicking Off Ryan's Birthday Week!

We got the privilege of having my 16 year old niece Alex stay with us for 4 days while her mom was out of the state. The kids just love it when we get to see cousin Alex and especially love it when she can sleep over!

Friday night we had all planned to go to the Panthers football game in Ozark. When it was time to leave for the game Nathan called and said he was held up at work and couldn't make it. The kids and Alex still wanted to go to the game so we hurried around and got ready to leave. It has been about 7 years since I have been to that football field and even then I didn't drive myself there, but I had an idea of where the field was. Well, I was wrong. Alex put it is in her phone and it took us to Baldor! I put the high school in my phone figuring it was close by to that, nope. So, I called my mother-in-law (who teaches at Ozark) and gave her a hypothetical of "if I were sitting in the high school parking lot, where would you tell me to go to get to the football field" :) I then jokingly said we will probably get there and Ozark will be winning 21-0 or something! Well, apparently I am psychic because we got there at halftime and it was 21-0 Ozark!

We hit up the concession stand and enjoyed the halftime shows and the rest of the game - final score was 34-6 - not the best game for the Panthers :( There is always next week! The kids really love going to games and I love visiting with people there and watching the games too - so it was a win- win for us.

Saturday was when we originally had Ryans birthday party planned, but the movie theater wasn't able to get the movie we wanted for the party so we had to move it back 2 weeks. So, we decided to kick off her birthday week and go to Dave & Busters and Toys R Us to spend her birthday money! Dave and Busters was great! The food was good and the kids won great prizes! Next door was a outlet mall we didn't know about so that was an added bonus to our day!

From there we went to Toys R Us where they gave Ryan a tiara and a balloon and announced over the intercom that the birthday girl was there! My Dad always give the kids cash so they can shop for something - and they love it! Ryan is kind of picky - she will pick something small and just say that is all she wants. This time she did that and then we walked by a dollhouse display - and she was so excited! She had just enough money to get the house and furnish it!

After that we made a quick stop to try out Tacos 4 Life in Conway - it was really good! I want to go back again soon! Then it was time to go home so everyone could go to bed and I could assemble a dollhouse!

After church Sunday Alex went home and the kids and I went to the movies to further celebrate Ryans birthday week! We saw The Wild Life and it was pretty cute! Then we had to hunt down a watermelon for Ryan's birthday celebration - which is harder than it seems in September :)

On last exciting thing from this weekend was that Miss Arkansas Savvy Shields was crowned Miss America! This is the first time in 35 years this has happened and we just so happened to have met her a few months ago when Noah was crowned Little Mister Johnson County! She was very nice and it was so cool to see someone we had met win such a big honor!

Things are about to get busy - which is when I am at my best! Soccer practices start this week, Ryan's birthday, ballet is still going strong, and I am gathering up stuff all over the house for the upcoming Rhea Lana sale!

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