Thursday, September 15, 2016

Ryan's 4th Birthday!

At 8:46 a.m. on Wednesday September 14, 2016 Ryan officially turned 4! This girl is the sweetest, meanest, happiest, most dramatic, most ornery, beautiful, kind, funny girl you will meet. She is determined to get her way and will not let anything stand in her way! She also doesn't like seeing anyone hurt and wants to help me cook or clean or anything that she can figure out to be in the middle of. She came into our world and turned it upside down, but made it so much better all at the same time!

 When your birthday is on a Wednesday and you parents both work full-time, you have to squeeze in celebrations throughout the day where you can. We started with opening her gift from Momma and Daddy - a mermaid blanket :)

Ryan just so happened to have an appointment at the Ear, Nose, Throat doctor so we were able to get her favorite breakfast since we didn't have to meet her sitter in town early like we usually do. So, we hit up the bakery for sprinkle donuts!

Our next stop was not a great one, but necessary. Ryan had tubes for 2 years and got them out in February and has had 3 ear infections since. So, her pediatrician sent her to the ENT to get evaluated. He said that she still has holes from her tubes so new tubes are not necessary but he did think she would benefit from having her tonsils and adenoids removed. So, they scheduled that and sent us over to pre-register at the hospital. The post-op for this procedure sounds awful, but I have now had lots of people tell me how easy it was for their child, so I am praying for the best! She will have to miss ballet and soccer for 2 weeks too plus I will need to take off work a lot for it - it is just not ideal at all. But, hopefully she will have no more, or at least a lot less, issues with ear infections and sinus infections this way. 

From there Ryan went to daycare to celebrate with her classmates and I went to work. I then picked her up for her very first manicure and pedicure! She was so excited! Every time they would paint a different layer on she would look at me and say "Momma! Look!" with a big smile :)

We then made a quick stop by Granny's house to get her new Nintendo DS "just like Noah has" before we went to Memes house. We always eat at Memes house on Wednesdays and since her birthday fell on a Wednesday this year she got to pick what meal we would have. She chose her favorite "meatyoaf" (which she also calls beef and ketchup) and instead of cake she wanted watermelon :) So, we stuck candles in watermelon and sang to her - it was pretty cute and really good! She also got to open her presents from her Meme and Papa - books with a really cool tablet that reads the books to her and Uncle Brandon, Aunt Whitney and Paxton - a vet Barbie set - perfect for her!

She said she had a great birthday and cannot wait for her party in a few weeks! Due to a movie not being available, we had to postpone her party a few weeks - so we will get to celebrate with our extended family and friends in a few weeks.

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