Monday, October 3, 2016

Allergic Reaction, A Wedding and more Soccer!

Ryan was on an antibiotic again for possible strep last week and just like with penicillin, it caused her to break out into hives! So, we added Omnicef to her list of allergies. It didn't stop her from soccer practice or acting like her little goofy self though thankfully! But, this further confirmed for me that we need those tonsils out so we don't have to mess with antibiotics so often in the future!

We had a busy but fun weekend! Friday night we picked Nathan up from work in Russellville and had dinner at our favorite place - Dixie Cafe. The kids love sitting in the soda fountain stools :)

We packed in lots of memories on Saturday! We started the day with me going to Rhea Lanas to shop. I love having the morning to myself to go get some Chick-fil-A and shop for the kids winter clothes all by myself. I found some really cute things and checked my sales and made $360 at pre-sale alone! I can't wait to watch my total grow this week  - our Disney trip is coming up quickly and every little bit helps! While I was shopping Daddy took the kids to A to Z to get golf stuff and out to eat at The Catfish Hole - of course he took zero pictures on this adventure - such an amateur ;)

After our outings we had to meet up to get ready for my brothers wedding. He got married almost an hour away at Haw Creek Falls. It was a beautiful day for an outdoor wedding! After the wedding we went to the reception where our kids were dancing fools for about 2 hours!

Sunday morning we went to church and lunch and then it was soccer time again! Noah was talking all down on himself at lunch, saying things like "I am not good at soccer" and "I will never score a goal" - which we know is not true, he seems to be catching on to things pretty quickly to me, he just needs more practice and experience. So, I told him if he scored a goal I would give him $5 to go with the money he was saving for a game he was wanting to buy. Well, guess what, he scored a goal :) His little smile after that was so cute - you could tell he was proud! Ryan did good at her game also - lots of running around and she did a great headstand on the sidelines :)

Ryan (#7) mastering the headstand :)

I am asking for lots of extra prayers this week. Tomorrow Ryan will be having her tonsils and adenoids removed! I know it is a routine procedure. I know lots of people are going through much worse and far scarier things. But, anytime a doctor takes your baby away and puts them to sleep and cuts things off of them it is scary! I am hoping for a quick and smooth recovery! So please pray for Ryan, the doctor and nurses and me as we take on this season of life!

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