Thursday, October 20, 2016

Checking a Few Things Off Our Fall Bucket List!

We spent last weekend checking a few things off of our Fall Bucket List! I love having bucket lists for each season - it isn't anything we don't usually do but it so cute watching the kids get so excited checking things off.

While I love our hometown pumpkin patch and always plan to support it, we also like to make a trip to a bigger town one that has more fall activities. The last two years we went to Farmland Adventures in Springdale with my brother's family for their daughters birthday party. But, this year they had it somewhere else. The kids and I like that patch so much we decided to just make a trip there by ourselves.

There is so much to do and see there and we always have a good time. We started out at the petting zoo, then pig races, corn maze, pedal bikes, spider web course, tractor ride to feed cows, hay maze and corn box! There were a bunch of pumpkins there also, but we wanted to wait and get some at our local patch.

After the patch we headed to lunch. Noah requested mashed potatoes and gravy so the only thing I could find, without going way out of the way, was Logan's Roadhouse. Our food was just ok, but the kids had the best time dancing and laughing and being goofballs - and the mashed potatoes and gravy were good so I guess that is all that matters :)

Fake Sleeping :)

From lunch we headed home to go get pumpkins at our local patch - we like to shop local when we can :) We did the haunted maze like always and then started looking for pumpkins. I was really disappointed with the pumpkin selection! There were hardly any pumpkins at all - so I guess we got there a little late this year. We did buy two small pumpkins so we would have Johnson County pumpkins, but ended up getting our carving pumpkins at Walmart :/ I wish I would have known and we would have just got them from Farmland Adventures.

Daddy had to work Saturday while we were on all our adventures but were glad he could meet up with us for dinner Saturday night. Sunday Noah had another soccer game. Ryan was still not released yet to play since her tonsillectomy. We talked to Noah before his game about being more aggressive and trying to go around people and get the ball instead of standing behind them. I didn't think much of the talk, but after seeing him at his game I think it may have helped - or maybe he just decided to play harder, who knows! But he did so great! He was really trying hard to get the ball and even shot the ball 4 times! He barely missed each time, but the fact he had it four time to take a shot is amazing! He was a whole other kid! At practice they gave him the Christlike Award for trying so hard and constantly cheering his team on during the game, even when he was on the sideline. We are so proud of him. I am hoping this continues and hoping Ryan is able to get back out there this weekend.

This week has been crazy every day! It just seems like my normal routine is far off and I am not sure when we will get back to it. Monday after work Noah had soccer practice and I had a Parental Advisory Committee meeting, then back to work until 10:00 p.m. Tuesday Noah had a flu shot after school and then Ryan had ballet. Wednesday Ryan had her tonsillectomy follow-up and we celebrated Boss's Day at work with lunch and shopping. Today is more soccer and parent-teacher conferences! I am looking forward to the kids being out of school tomorrow so we can take a little trip to Branson for some fun and mark a few more things off the bucket list!

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