Wednesday, February 24, 2016

While Daddy is Gone...

Nathan told me a year ago that in February he was going to Georgia with his friends to a race. Well, the time finally came and I didn't exactly realize how far away he was going and how long he would be gone until right before he was going. We have been together 18 years and married 10 years and we have only rarely been apart overnight, so 4 nights (even thought it it isn't very long) seemed like a long time. I am fine with him going and having fun with his friends, it was just so strange how much more we missed him than I anticipated. He stays busy a lot at home, but I guess there was something comforting knowing he was out in the shop or close by. He was 12 hours away for four days and it was just so strange. The kids and I stayed busy and had fun like we always do, but Daddy was definitely missed! I realized real quick that I would be miserable if he worked out of town and have a lot of respect for those who have to do that!

On Friday the kids and I decided to make homemade pizzas and I surprised them with Kung Fu Panda DVD (which we have now watched 7 times). The kids were happy to play with their toys and just relax at home. Ryan finally talked me into taking the side off her bed that night too. She has never climbed out of her crib, so we have left her in it (I am all about getting as long as we can out of baby stuff). She wants a big girl bed for her next birthday so I decided we needed to start her in that direction so we would start with that. (It has been a few days now and she is doing great - only getting up to go potty - hopefully that lasts!)

Saturday morning, Noah had a ballgame. He was being his wild and crazy self again! He slapped the ball out of one of the kids hands and then, instead of going after the ball, he ran over to me in the stands and kissed and hugged me and said "did you see that?!" - the entire crowd was laughing! He is entertaining for sure! He also made his first basket this week! It was at practice and I was in the bathroom with Ryan, so I missed it and he hasn't made another one yet - so I am still waiting to see it! One more practice and one more game and he is done - possibly for good, but I hope not. He has improved a lot and with more confidence I think he would really enjoy playing. We will just see how he does.

After that the kids wanted to go back to Cracker Barrel and I will never turn that down! So, we had lunch and went home to play (and watch Kung Fu Panda again) before we went bowling. Noah was cracking me up while he was bowling - he kept closing one eye and holding his hands up like a frame to get the ramp where he wanted it. There were a lot of giggles and fun had!

Sunday we went to church and then on a lunch date to IHOP with my mom. The kids, as usual with Nathan gone, were so good! Sat quietly in their seats and ate every bit of their food! I had to take picture proof for Nathan - they always act up when we go eat with him. After lunch we met up with my brother and his family at the Spadra Nature Trail for a little hike. We had to take advantage of the awesome weather we were having for February.

Every so often Ryan would say "I am sweating, so that means I need on your back" :)

Nathan got home early Monday morning and the kids insisted on making a sign to hang up for when he got home :) Noah told Nathan to never leave us for that long again :) Ryan told him he left for 15 years just like Rapunzels mom and that was too long! :) I must say, I agree with them :)  I can handle him being gone, but life sure is better with him here annoying, I mean loving me ;)

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