Tuesday, February 16, 2016

My Funny Valentines :)

Our Valentines celebrations a little early this year. Since Valentine's Day was on a Sunday this year and Noah's school was out the Friday before, we had his class party on Thursday afternoon. A few of the class moms got together and one made sugar cookies, one made icing, and I brought plates, napkins and cookie decorations. The kids had so much fun decorating their own cookies! The kids got to all open their Valentine boxes and each took a turn thanking everyone - it was so cute! I am so glad I am able to attend these things with Noah. I won't always have this job and be able to do these things, so I am trying to take in as much as I can while I can.

Decorating his cookie
Noah and Kadience sent each other Crushes :)
Since Thursday was also my last work day of the week, Nathan surprised me with calla lilies! My favorite flower and what I carried in my wedding bouquet. It has been a while since I had gotten flowers from him so it was a nice surprise!

I got on Pinterest to get some ideas for the kids Valentines for their parties. I picked the easiest options and showed them to the kids and let them pick what we would make for their classes. (I am not a big Pinterest fan - it usually just reminds me how bad I am at crafts, so I usually only get on there to look for party ideas and try to stick with the realistic ones). Noah chose Minion Puddings and Ryan chose Cereal Valentines. They were very easy and turned out very cute!

"You are One in a Minion" and "I CEREAL-sly like you Valentine"
Saturday morning Noah had a ball game (which he did amazing at - he finally is playing defense!) and then we went to Cracker Barrel for lunch - my favorite :) That night I went and got Nathan and I some pasta take-out and we rented a movie on TV and had a little date night in. It was nice to just spend time together and enjoy each others company. 

Sunday, before we went to Church we all exchanged Valentine gifts. We got Ryan Ariel and her sisters and an Ariel bath toy - two things she has been wanting for a while. We got Noah a little Lego set and some Power Ranger bad guys. Nathan surprised me again with an hour massage and some Toms I have had my eye on for awhile :) I got Nathan a Patagonia shirt and pullover - and since he wore it that day, I would say he liked them :)  

Noah has been begging to go to "the firing down place" (aka: Sumo) so after church we went there for a special Valentine lunch. The kids love watching the chef's cook and eating with chopsticks - even if Ryan only eats ketchup with hers :) 

From there we went to my cousin's sons birthday party. It was in a new party barn that was recently built. So, when I told the kids we were going to a party at a barn, they were very confused when we got there and it wasn't red and there were no animals :) But, they had the best time at the party! 

We enjoyed a quiet end to the weekend with dinner, kids shows and playing at home - perfect! Now, on to my feelings about Valentines day. I hate hearing people say they hate Valentines day - it is such a good opportunity to celebrate love - which is so important in life. I have not always been in a relationship on Valentines day, but I didn't let that stop me from celebrating. I have lots of love in my life - and I don't know anyone who doesn't. My stepdad always sent me flowers every year growing up to show me his love, and make sure I felt special on that day. My dad always bought me chocolates and took me to eat. My mom always took me and my brother to buy each other things to send to each other at school to celebrate. It is not always a romantic thing - just a celebration of love. Yes, I feel loved every day, but that is no reason not to celebrate it extra on one day. I am a mother every day, but I love being celebrated extra on Mother's Day! I am all for celebrating as much as we can in life, because it could be our last time to see this time together and these memories are going to be all we have someday. So, with that being said - Happy Valentines Day!

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