Thursday, February 18, 2016

Our New Season of Life: Ryan's Glasses!

A few years ago Ryan was in physical therapy to help her with a delay in walking. During that whole process the therapist recommended getting her eyes checked - saying that they like to have all things checked when beginning therapy on children at such a young age. So, when Ryan was a little over one we had her first exam. She was not exactly excited about it and Daddy had to hold her the whole exam. The doctor was able to see that she had an astigmatism and wanted to see her back in 6 months to check on it. That was in December 2013. I guess time got away from me. I remember getting a postcard in the mail reminding me it was time to schedule her follow-up appointment. Then I got a text in December reminding me again so I called and scheduled the first time they had available, which was in February. I couldn't believe it had been 2 years since we had been there last! I felt bad for letting it go that long, but it just slipped by and she didn't seem to be having any issues, so I forgot about it.

She has had lots of doctor visits at this point in her life (she is our dramatic child) so she was a lot more comfortable this time around. She let them measure her eyes on one machine and sat in the exam chair all by herself. She was a little shy telling the doctor what the pictures on the wall were. So, she would whisper them to me and I would tell the doctor if she couldn't hear her. It was so cute because there was a picture of a heart and she would call them Valentines :) There were pictures of flowers and she would call them hairbows (because she has flowers she wears in her hair). When the pictures got smaller, she started saying the wrong thing - and I am not going to lie, my stomach dropped a little.  The doctor then checked her astigmatism and it had gotten worse, but looked better with a lens. So, she prescribed glasses!

I could not believe I was sitting there trying glasses on my child. It was not necessarily a big deal, just kind of unexpected and a pretty big change. I liked the thicker framed glasses, but Ryan would have nothing to do with them. She wouldn't even leave them on for a second. She liked the "little ones" as she called them. So, she picked some out and told the lady she wanted them purple and that is exactly what they ordered for her :)

I sent Nathan the picture of her in glasses with the caption "Guess what?" Apparently he didn't believe me until a few texts later and I mentioned the astigmatism and then he replied "oh you are serious?" - he thought we were just playing around trying on glasses :) She is excited about them (we hope that excitement lasts). Noah was a little jealous I think, he was saying how his eyes were a little blurry while we were trying glasses on Ryan. I assured him he passed his vision screening at school and he was fine. He then said his bear Blue needed glasses so I promised him we would find some for Blue :)

We should have her glasses in about 3 weeks, and then the fun part starts. Remembering to wear them, not break them, etc. We are praying it will be an easy transition and help with her astigmatism. If not, the doctor told me when she was older we could use contacts or lasik to help with it. So, here is to a new season in life - and I must say it is a pretty adorable season!

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