Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Superbowl Weekend!

Friday Nathan asked me to go on a movie date with him. So, I got home and got the kids all ready for bed so Meme would just have to put them straight to bed once it was time and we took off. I love going to the movies and especially love movie dates :) We didn't know what we were going to see yet, but knew it was either going to be The Revenant or 13 Hours - both being bloody/war/guy movies, but being the good wife I am, I went ;) They said they were taking The Revenant off this week so that made the decision to see it while we had the chance. I had heard it was pretty gruesome, and I heard right. It was a true story, which I LOVE - I am kind-of obsessed with true stories and love to watch peoples real-life stories. They are very eye-opening. This was an a amazing story about adversity and even a little unbelievable, but he lived to tell about it so I am just going to believe that is how it went. I have always heard bear attacks were bad, but had no idea how fast they were. That was hard to watch. Then, after surviving riding a horse off a cliff (I was literally staring at the screen with my mouth open) he guts the horse and climbs in it to stay warm. I remember saying "is he going to, yes, he is climbing in there!" while we were watching that - Nathan found my reactions funny. I informed him he owed me lots of chick flicks after watching that!

Saturday morning Noah had a ballgame, which was entertaining as always. He got his first pass thrown to him and he covered his head and it hit him in the belly! It was so funny! I am really trying to enjoy this, because I am really not sure he will want to play again and I really like watching sports, so I better enjoy it while it lasts. He has fun playing, but he does not love it, which is fine. But, there will come a time when it is more competitive and they keep score and it won't be as cute when he dodges passes or walks instead of dribbles. One mom already told me that Noah gets on her kids nerves because he is always acting like a dinosaur or killing bad guys - she told him he is just younger and not as serious about it as he is - and I am not sure if he ever will be, and I really am fine with that. We already have some great stories from him giving it a try. So, 4 games are left and then we decide if we are going to do t-ball or soccer :)

After Noah's game we headed home because we were getting to watch my 3 nieces for the day! Marley is 6, Maddie is 4 and Emmie is 1 - so they are at the perfect ages to play with Noah and Ryan. We played hard for hours - drawing, coloring, making crafts, watching movies, playing Barbies - it was so much fun! I didn't realize how tired I was until they left and I got my kids in bed - my back hurt and I was exhausted! I love my nieces, but I am glad I don't have 5 kids under 6 every day - I would definitely age faster :)



Sunday, after Church, the kids and I had lunch and then went to see Kung Fu Panda 3. The kids went and saw it with their Meme last week, but said "it was so hilarious, you just have to see it with us too Mom" - and like I said, I love the movies, so off we went! It was also Super Bowl Sunday, so that gave us something to do until the game started since Nathan was busy working. The movies was hilarious and watching them laugh so hard makes my day! We then went home to play games until it was game time. Nathan smoked some ribs for us to eat during the game (he deboned mine for me, he is awesome like that) and we enjoyed the game and commercials and the kids enjoyed an early bedtime to watch a movie in their beds :)

Our weekend was full and a little exhausting, but so much fun and so many memories made. Now, on to Valentines Day - if there is one thing I love to celebrate it is love. I love a lot and am loved by a lot so why not celebrate it?!

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