Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Racing Banquet Weekend

Even though Nathan was not able to race at any races this year, we still support the MW 8.5 Racers Association and attended as many races as we could. The awards banquet for the 2015 season was held in a town right outside of Kansas City last weekend and we were able to attend it. We always have so much fun with our racing friends - they are good people :) Once again, the Collins family was gracious enough to let us stay with them and chauffeur us around. I love staying there and love not driving around lost the whole time we are there too!

We got there Friday afternoon and went to the machine shop where Nathan's motor is at first so he could see it and talk to the guy who owns the shop. From there it was on to the Collin's house to get ready for dinner. We met up with some other friends at Cheddars and then had reservations at the Piano Bar in Kansas City. Nathan and I love piano bars - we had a great time!

The next morning I got a phone call from my cousin. My stomach dropped when I saw her name on my phone because I knew if she was calling me at 7:30 on a Saturday morning then something bad had happened. I was right, my Uncle Bill had a massive heart attack and passed away early that morning. He lived in French Village, Missouri and was married to my dad's sister Sharon for 52 years! It really just broke my heart for all of them. I cannot even imagine, but especially after 52 years. Plus, my aunt was having some medical issues and was scheduled for a procedure on Monday. Can you imagine being scared enough about your own health and planning on going in for the procedure with your husband, and then he passes away 2 days beforehand? It is just all a very sad situation. My aunt did go ahead with the procedure and has a great support system with her kids there to help. Any extra prayers for the Snow and Gunn family are appreciated very much! They have lots of healing to do!

This was me and my Aunt Sharon and Uncle Bill a few years ago when I was visiting them. 
For breakfast we went to a place called the Big Biscuit  - it was delicious! Then it was off to a little shopping. We went to a place called Nebraska Furniture Mart - which was amazing! It was a huge store of electronics, movies, games, DVDs, appliances, cookware, and of course furniture! We found some good deals on some DVDs and got the kids some new Wii games for Valentines Day. From There we went to Cabelas - I had never been there so it was really cool to look around at the fish and animals, and of course the clothes :)

Nebraska Furniture Mart
That night was the banquet. It was held at a winery this year. The place was really pretty and the food was delicious. It was great to catch up with all our racing friends and the actual handing out of the awards is always entertaining.

The MW 8.5 Awards Banquet 2015

My proudest moment was when this came up on the slideshow during the awards :)

The next morning I got a picture from Nathan's mom of the rash Ryan woke up with :( I knew immediately it was from her antibiotics she was taking for her ear infection. Both of my brothers and myself are allergic to penicillin and so are some of my nieces and nephews so I was familiar with the rash. Luckily, it did not itch or anything. But, that really made me want to head home, in case she started getting worse I wouldn't be 5 hours away. So, we got up and headed home.

Her rash was still pretty bad Monday and had spread to her arms and face. I called the doctor and they wanted to see her to check the rash and make sure she got enough medicine to clear up her ears before we stopped the medicine due to the rash. Thankfully, her ears looked clear (except for one tube that is now in sideways, but is already scheduled to be removed soon) and he said her rash should be better in a few days.

The kids stayed with their grandmas at our house while we were gone and had a great time! They got to go to the park, have a cousin sleepover, go bowling, and go to the movies! I am not sure they even missed us while having all that fun!

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