Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Kindergarten & Lazy Days

On Friday it was my turn to read to Noah's class again. It is funny to me how nervous this made me in the beginning of the school year and now I look forward to it! Noah picked out the book "Harold and the Purple Crayon" as one of the books this week. I got the idea to do a craft with it and have each child draw where a purple crayon could take them on paper like it takes Harold in the book. Noah was SO excited! The kids had a great time with it too. I got lots of hugs and saw so much creativity with the things they drew. I also had Noah's parent/teacher conference while I was there volunteering. Once again, his teacher had nothing but good things to say about him. He still needs to work on his cutting and gluing - but we agreed we think this is more of an issue of him hurrying and not him lacking the skills to do it. I was SO happy when the reading specialist told me that Noah came and read to her and she said that the way he reads and writes that he should be reading on the first grade level. So, she had me printed some of the first grade readers and Noah has been reading them to me at home. I am amazed at how well he can read them - it feels like all of a sudden he just took off reading. It literally is all I can do not to cry when he reads to me and I pretty much smile the whole time :) I cannot believe we are in the last semester of Kindergarten already!

Friday night I volunteered at the Rhea Lana sale. This is always so fun! The other girls I volunteer with are so nice and it is fun helping people find treasures for their kids! I did very well at this sale and am so excited to add that money to our Disney fund for the trip I am planning for this Christmas! (Yes, it is already Christmas at Disney World in November) :)

Saturday was our first day with absolutely nothing planned for the entire day. So, I cleaned house and the kids played all day. The weather wasn't the best but we did manage to play outside a little in between showers. We played Ninja Turtles, read Ninja Turtle Comics on the tv, Noah read me and Ryan stories, Ryan rode her four-wheeler, found a bird egg in the yard, played remote control cars, Ryan got to pretend she was a ballerina (she gets to take ballet once she is completely potty-trained), and played doctor. 

We I was a little stir-crazy that night so we decided to go glow-in-the-dark bowling - which is always fun!

Sunday, after church, I had a bridesmaid meeting for my friend Laikkens wedding coming up. We planned out the whole shower with good laughs and chocolate cupcakes on the side :)

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