Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Dates, Medals, Shopping and Exploring!

On Thursday Ryan's daycare was closed so she joined me at work and got to do something she has been begging to do for months - have lunch with Noah at school! It was so cute how excited they were to see each other. It is hard to imagine she will be there in a few years!

Friday night was Noah's big award's ceremony for basketball. This was our first awards ceremony to attend, so he was very excited! He has a few medals already from t-ball and a 5k but this was his first basketball one. He was so cute out there getting his medal - he can always find me to smile for a picture :) He was also excited that his teacher Ms. Damon was there and congratulated him - he just kept saying "that was so nice of her to come" :) After that we went to Crosswoods for dinner. We have loved their food forever, but they recently went from a bar atmosphere to more family friendly - smoke free and under 21 allowed. So, we got to get our food to eat there and not to go this time. The kids loved getting to dance around and be silly and said their grilled cheeses were the best :)

Once we got home I wasn't feeling very well and went to bed as soon as I got the kids bathed and settled down to watch a movie. After the movie was over Noah came to ask me if they could watch another one. I told him yes, but asked that he start it since I didn't feel well. I then heard him go back to Ryan's room and tell her "Ryan, momma doesn't feel good, will you pray with me that she will feel better?" I could not believe what I was hearing - I was SO proud! I didn't ask him for prayers, he just knew what to do when someone needs help. They sat there and prayed for me! Thankfully, I was feeling better about an hour later - but they answered my prayers with their sweet praying hearts.

The next day was the spring/summer Rhea Lana sale. I look forward to this every year! I loaded up about 200 of my kids things from the last year that they had grown out of or didn't play with anymore and dropped it off earlier in the week. Me and my mom always shop together and have such a good time. I found lots of stuff for Ryan but not much for Noah. I have had people tell me for years that boys that age are hard to find second hand clothing for because they are harder on their clothes, but I was hoping they were wrong. I did get him a few things, but looks like he may get more new clothes this year than he usually does. I also found the kids some Veggie Tales movies - they are obsessed with them and some Wii games - which we are always excited to find since they don't make them anymore.

My load of stuff to sell! :)

Sunday the kids and I went to church and lunch and then headed home to explore! We love going on four wheeler rides up and down our road, but we were wanting to find somewhere else to go. So, I asked our neighbor if we could explore around their back yard and they said sure! We rode around for an hour checking out the ponds, deer stand, picnic area - it was so fun! We cannot wait to go back and fish and picnic.

Sunday evening we had a movie date with my cousin Talen and her son Ian. We got him a movie gift card for his birthday and they asked us to join them when he used it to see Zootopia. The movie was really cute - with some adult humor which always makes it better. We saw it in 3D which is always a nice treat too :) I love watching my kids play with their cousins like I did when we were young :)

Now, to get through this soggy week and get ready for more spring weather and maybe a little Spring Break day trip!

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