Monday, November 2, 2015

Our Halloween Weekend Festivities!

We started celebrating Halloween on Friday with the kids parties at school. I was not on top of things for the parties this year. Thursday night Ryan's sitter told me they were having a party on Friday (which they usually do, but I couldn't remember for sure) so luckily I had some jack-o-lantern cookies at home already. So I sent the cookies with 6 Halloween movies! The kids had a great time and apparently my cookies and movies were a hit!

Ryan enjoying her cookies and movies at her Halloween party :)

Noah saw my shirt at the store the other day and insisted I get it and wear it
to his school to volunteer so we can match :)

I was volunteering at Noah's school Friday morning and heard some of the teachers mentioning their class parties and the girl I volunteer with  (whose son is also in Noah's  class) mentioned a party that afternoon. I had a mini internal panic attack! The other mom said she had asked about it at parent/teacher conferences and that there wasn't a note sent home or anything (so Noah didn't fail to relay the memo or anything). I did my parent/teacher conference on a different day than the other parents - mine was earlier and I didn't think to ask and the teacher forgot to mention it - so that made me feel better. I just knew I had missed some kind of announcement or something. I am new to the whole school thing so I thought maybe it was a given, but I didn't want to assume or be that mom that shows up for a party that isn't happening :) I got to talk to Noah's teacher and they needed plates and napkins and help with the party - so I was so excited to get to help out with Noah's first school party! So, after a quick trip to the store we were ready to party!

We had a mummy contest, played pin the nose on the jack-o-lantern, and the kids got to create their own jack-o-lanterns on the smart board and it would use the pumpkins they made in the 5 Little Pumpkins Sitting on a Gate rhyme. It was so much fun! I loved watching Noah interact with the other kids - he is growing up so fast and making so many friends. I can't wait to help with more parties and class activities - I have always wanted to be able to do that :)

Noah and his best friend Kadience :)
Saturday morning we had cinnamon rolls and watched cartoon and played games all morning. After lunch it was time to get ready to make our Halloween stops! Noah chose to be Batman and Ryan wanted to be the Ninja Turtle Donatello. I had seen a lady on Facebook made personalized tutus, so I asked if she could make Ryan a Donatello one so she could be a girly Ninja Turtle. The outfit turned out perfect! (I highly recommend her if you need any tutu dresses - a link to her Facebook is here - Cute as a Button). Noah was really into his roll has Batman - and the costume was just perfect!

We went to Nathan's parents and grandparents homes to show off our costumes first. Then it was time for grab some Happy Meals and off to my mom's house. We always have dinner at my mom's and then Trick-or-Treat her neighborhood with my Dad. (Yes, my parents are divorced but my Dad comes to all our parties at my mom's and we get to enjoy our family all together, as it should be). Once again, there were not many houses giving out candy - most people go to the local Safe Treat at our fairgrounds. My kids don't like the candy that much and certainly don't like waiting in long lines - they love getting to walk around and go to the houses and say Trick-or-Treat, so that is what we did! They had a great time! Noah's feet were tired on the way back so he got a lift from mom :) Nathan kept running ahead and jumping out and scaring the kids - they never caught on and screamed every time :)

We gained an hour of sleep that night due to daylight savings time. I personally feel we should gain the hours from daylight savings on Halloween - that is just a night that it is always nice to have an extra hour. We used our extra hour wisely on Sunday - we spent it watching new movies and making pizzas together :)

They insisted on watching their pizzas cook :)
I also threw a baby shower for Nathan's cousin Katie on Sunday. She is having twin boys so I decided to do a "Double Feature Starring Thomas and Tucker" theme and host it at the local movie theater. It all turned out so cute! I can't wait to see the boys when they are born, but hope they hold off as long as they can!

Main Attraction: Star Studded Sandwiches

Supporting Actors: Cheese Dip and Cheeseball

The Sweet Ending: Cinematic Cake and Cupcakes

Enjoy Some Audience Favorites

The beautiful mom to be!

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