Thursday, November 19, 2015

Stomach Bugged!

Friday night when Ryan was in the bathtub she told me "when I throw up I will be sick huh?" and I said "yes, you throw up when you are sick". I guess that was her 3 year old way of telling me she was not feeling well. At 4:30 a.m. on Saturday I heard her crying and went to check on her and she was sick! She got sick until around 11:00 a.m. that day and then got a lot better. When my kids are sick I make them stay in their room until they are 24 hour symptom free. This just helps them from spreading it all over the house and hopefully from any of the rest of the family from getting it too. I wear a mask and gloves and scrub my hands and arms after every contact with a sick kid - just hoping to stop the virus with that kid. Ryan was not excited about being quarantined after an hour or so. I let her out to play outside while Noah and I hung Christmas lights on the house, but other than that, she stayed in her room. She got so upset she had to stay in there she did end up with a new movie, book and toy though - desperate times call for desperate measures! I did go and read her books from the hallway with my gloves and mask on so she wouldn't be so lonely or bored. We also had to miss our friend Mia's birthday party that night :(

Getting some fresh air :)

My Christmas Light Helper :)

Hanging Christmas lights before it got cold!
The next morning I let her out and washed her and disinfected her room. She was eating fine and playing like normal. We were so glad because we were hosting the November birthday parties for my family that afternoon. So, I disinfected the whole house and cooked food all day. We celebrated Nathan and my sister-in-law (to be) Jessica. It was nice to have family over and let the cousins all play together. My house is not really hosting friendly and everyone was kind of cramped for space, but I think it went well.

Monday morning I went to get Noah up for school and he had gotten sick in his sleep - and never even knew it (which is scary - so glad he didn't choke). So, I had to put the gloves and mask back on and get him set up in his room for the day. He only got sick a few times, but he is very emotional when he is sick and he doesn't like being alone so being in his room all day was tough. He also ended up with some new movies, a toy and a coloring book. That really helped him - he was so happy with his new stuff he barely asked about getting out of his room the rest of the day. I ended up keeping him home on Tuesday too since he wouldn't officially be 24 hour symptom free when school started and I wanted him to rest up since his first field trip was Wednesday and he really wanted to make that! He got to come out of his room at around 11:00 a.m. Tuesday and hit the ground running! He was so excited to play in the living room and to eat! I went to work and took Ryan with me while Nathan stayed home and worked and took care of Noah. Nathan took him to eat lunch and he did great and ate a good supper also. No issues with anything - he just bounced right back! I was so glad God healed him so quickly!

During all of this Ryan decided to start back with diarrhea on Monday, but no other symptoms and acting totally fine. She has to stay with me until she is 24 hour symptom free, so she was not able to go back to daycare until Thursday, so she spent lots of time with me at work. I am glad she is feeling good enough to go to work with me. I do not know why, but I have always gotten serious anxiety when I have to stay at home for long periods of time. It was starting to get bad Monday night - poor Nathan, I know he thinks I am crazy, but he was a trooper and stayed up and watched a movie with me :)

"Working" at Momma's desk :)

Ready to go back to school and go on his field trip!

Hanging out with mom at work, being goofy as always.
Painting Momma a picture at work :)

So, I am hoping this is our last bug for a while (forever would be nice too, just sayin'). We like our routine and have a lot of fun holiday activities coming up.

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