Monday, March 30, 2015

"Watching" in Memphis

See what I did there?! Even though we did do a lot of walking in Memphis also. We went to Memphis over the weekend to watch races and help out some friends with their cars. Nathan's car is not ready (and won't be for a while)  so we will be spectating at the races until it is done - which can almost be just as fun. The races were supposed to start on Thursday and end on Saturday. Well, due to the rain and SNOW everything was delayed and they only got one race in each day and didn't get to start the eliminations until late Sunday. The wind was terrible and it didn't get above 45 degrees. It was pretty miserable - that kind of cold that just ticks you off. I knew it was supposed to be cold but not so cold that I drove to the store for insulated underwear and hot hands and wore all 3 jackets that I brought at once. But, even through all that cold - we managed to have some fun!

SNOW at the race track. No. Just no.

Celia eating snow :)

My perfect little snow ball in my hair :)

Waiting the bad weather out in the  RV

Friday night we went to Beale Street and ate at Dyers Burgers and went to Jerry Lee Lewis's Honky Tonk and Flynn's Karaoke Bar. The Honky Tonk was really cool - it was like a big old 2 story house with live music downstairs and a dance floor and DJ upstairs. It had couches and tables and was set up kind of like a house - it had a really cool feel to it. The karaoke bar was not so cool - it was very old, dirty, and dated. We didn't stay there long. We got back to our hotel around 3:00 a.m. and Nathan pinched a nerve in his shoulder and was up all night (literally he slept about an hour) so at 7:00 I, being wife of the year, got up and went and got him medicine for it. The next night was a late night of racing so we didn't get back until 1:00 a.m. and up at 7:00 to head back to the track. There is usually little sleep on "racecations" :)

Dyers Burgers!

Beale Street

I was glad I got to see some of our out of state race friends - we only get to really see them at the races so it is good to get to talk to them in person instead of on the internet or texting. I always look forward to getting to see our race friends and it never seems like we get to see them enough while we are there!

Our friend Darci almost wrecking and giving me a heart attack!

Since everything on the schedule was so far behind I ended up leaving Nathan there to ride home with someone else so I could get home to the kids. I still didn't get there until close to midnight though - so after late nights and early mornings all weekend - I am dragging a little today. But, a weekend away with Nathan is worth it - we can sleep when we are dead right? :)

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