Monday, March 9, 2015

A Good Bad Weekend!

This weekend was full of good and bad. Saturday morning was the Princess Tea Party that I signed Ryan up for months ago - she was so excited for it! That morning she woke up and didn't feel very good. She was running a low grade fever and coughing. I gave her some medicine and after an hour she was running around and playing like normal. So, we  went to the tea party. It takes Ryan a little bit to warm up in unfamiliar social situations and she wasn't feeling the best either so she just wanted to see the princesses from afar at first. Then she got a sucker and a notepad to get autographs with the princesses and she loosened up. She still didn't want her picture taken by herself, but stood by each princess and said "cheeeeeese" :) I love making these girl memories with my daughter - an answer to my prayers :)

Princess Ryan ready for the party :)

Prince Charming :)



Snow White


Pocahontas even got a hug :)




Poor baby just wasn't feeling great :(

She loved making her craft!

She liked swirling her princess dress :)

She refused to take a picture without me when we got there so once again - it was a mommy and me picture ;/

After the tea party we left for Kibler to go get Noah's new big boy bed! About 8 months ago we decided to get him a loft bed with a slide on it. I found one to order, but Nathan wanted to build it for him instead - he could build it for less than half the price. Well, Nathan has been really busy and has not gotten a chance to build it and our friends just happen to put theirs for sale on Facebook! It was meant to be! So, we told them a month ago we wanted it but haven't had the best weather on any weekend to go get it since. It was finally time! On the way to get it Nathan said he wasn't feeling very well either - and really felt bad by the time we got home. But, he managed to get the bed all put up that day. It is so crazy to think Noah is big enough to be out of a crib but he is so happy and ready for his new bed.

That night I slept on the couch because Nathan was not feeling well and was afraid he was contagious. I do not sleep well on the couch. Then at 3:00 a.m. Ryan coughed so hard she got sick in bed. I went to help her and she was burning up and shivering - I took her temperature - 104.5! So, I cleaned her and her bed up and gave her some medicine and turned her fans on and she wanted to go back to bed. So, I put her in bed and watched her closely on the monitor. I called the ER and they said usually your temperature rises some while sleeping and since she hadn't had any fever reducer since she had went to bed at 7:30 the night before it was ok to give her some medicine and if it didn't go down to bring her in. So, I pretty much laid there and watched her monitor and set alarms on my phone for every 2 hours to give her medicine.

I decided she needed to be seen that day somewhere so we didn't have another night like that again. Nathan still wasn't feeling very well so I left him at home to rest while I loaded up the kids and drove them an hour away to the walk-in clinic. We had to wait an hour, but the kids were so good. The nurse was awesome - she interacted with Noah so well and even took all his vitals to help Ryan get more comfortable and because he loves going to the doctor :) She gave them both stickers and played with them. Then came the doctor. I was not very crazy about her. As soon as she walked in the door Noah said "Hi, my name is Noah. The letters to spell my name are N-O-A-H. I am four years old." She totally ignored him and looked at me and said "Is he in speech therapy because he needs to be, he does not speak very well at all". I think my jaw almost his the floor. I must have had a not nice look on my face because she said "oh, well I know you didn't bring him in for an exam but the sooner you take care of that the better". Noah is a talker and he kept talking to her off and on while she examined Ryan and the whole time she kept on about how bad he spoke and she was unsure if it was his L's or B's but he needed help. I finally told her that he has a doctor who can examine him for that and he also will be attending school where they can test and address that at the right time in the right way and I would worry about it then. The lady was way over-stepping in my opinion. She diagnosed Ryan with another Upper Respiratory Infection - which she just had 2 weeks ago also. :(

We went back to Clarksville to go to WalMart to get our prescriptions filled for Ryan (since they are the only one open on Sunday). We waited 20 minutes to drop it off and were told it would be ready in 30-45 minutes. So, we looked at books - we sat and read them right there in the isle, looked at the fish, got a few groceries and went back and got in line after an hour. Then we were told her prescription was still in "filling" and it would be at least 20 minutes. So, we went to look at Easter stuff and clothes and then got back in the LONG line. They said it still isn't ready but should be soon. I told the lady I was not going back to the end of that line and that I was going to wait right there and they can tell me when mine is ready. We had been waiting for 2 hours and Ryan and I had been up since 3:00 a.m. and we were done. She was crying and wanting me to rock her because she was sleepy and I figured a crying baby would be good motivation for them to hurry up with my prescription. It worked - 5 minutes later mine was done. We got home at 6:30. We left to the doctor at 10:45 - so it took basically all of our day but we got her a prescription and some relief to help her sleep a little better I didn't have to take off work. However, I will only be doing that again as a last resort. I love our doctor and our pharmacy and am even more thankful after seeing these other facilities.

I really want a do-over on the weekend though - without any sickness so we could have had more fun and family time. But, that is on the agenda for next weekend. Maybe by then we will be all better and catch up on that hour of sleep we lost too!

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