Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Ryan's Walking Anniversary!

One year ago today, God was in my living room. I saw him there plain as day as he help Ryan take her first steps. 3 months earlier, we had been told that she may never walk and that she may have a genetic disorder.  This came as a complete shock for us because we just took her in for some help with her walking since she missed that milestone and was progressing normally in all other areas. I was beyond worried and upset at first - but then we just didn't understand this diagnosis and refused to believe it. (Her whole Therapy ordeal can be found here)  Ryan was going to walk and that was it. Our prayers were answered one year ago today.

Ryans entire existence has been one answered prayer after another. It bothers me to hear people say they do not believe in God because they have no proof. Oh the stories I can share - from God saving my life, to giving me Nathan at just the right time and making me a mother. If anyone ever needs proof of the power of prayer I will be glad to share what can only be explained in my life as God's miracles.

Ryan now not only walks - she pretty much runs everywhere. She has this funny way she swings her arms when she runs and she says "that's fast" as she runs :) She is now progressing normal or above normal in all areas of development and, in my opinion, growing too fast on us!

Happy Walking Anniversary to our miracle Ryan! You are right, "That's Fast" :)

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