Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Spring Break 2015

We kicked off our Spring Break with Noah's first cousin sleepover! My niece Eliza stayed the night with us on Saturday and it was so much fun! Noah is now getting to the age to really enjoy having a cousin sleepover - fun times are ahead! The kids played outside (in the dirt of course) and then we watched Pinocchio, ate pizza, and played :) It was such a fun night!

Monday I met me sister-in-law and her 3 kids and my mom and brothers kids at the Wild Wilderness Drive-Thru Safari. This is our third time there and it is so much fun every time! We fed all the animals, rode horses and camels, and drove through the safari. The day was really perfect! This was my first time to travel to the safari alone and we left on time and made it back on time and the kids were awesome! No meltdowns or anything!

We had to head back to town for Noah's first t-ball practice! When we pulled up at practice he said "I am just not sure about this" - I asked if he meant at all or just today and he said "at all". I asked him to practice this time and see how he liked it and then we would talk. He got out there and seemed to really like it! Skill wise he was not far off with the other kids so that was a relief. He never complained about being hot (he has been at our home practices) and he knew the answers to a lot of the questions the coach was asking. We already like the coach and team this year a lot better than last years! We  know a lot of the kids and parents on the team and I was happy with what they were doing. I am hoping that Noah really enjoys this year more than last - he was really hit or miss with it last year - but he was also three years old. Another highlight of practice was Ryan actually let me watch a lot of the practice! I did not get to watch any games or practices last  year because she was constantly running off - I am hoping to get to see more of the games this year - but I also know entertaining a two year old is tricky.

I will spend the rest of this week working unless I can squeeze some more family time in. Then I am going on a weekend getaway with Nathan to Memphis with all our racing friends. Our racing friends are so much fun to be around and I cannot wait to see them all again!

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