Monday, April 6, 2015

Hippity Hoppity Easter on it's Way!

We started our Easter celebration on Wednesday at our weekly dinner with Nathan's parents house. The kids got to hunt Easter eggs outside and we had dinner and bunny rabbit cake for dessert. It was a fun beginning to hopefully a new tradition :)

Saturday we dyed eggs for the first time with the kids. I have been putting it off for years due to their short attention spans and the mess of it - but it went ok this year. Ryan hung in for about 2 eggs and Noah did almost all of them and we only cracked a few. Of course we had to have dinosaur eggs for our Easter eggs :)

Sunday we got up to see what the Easter Bunny had left and then went to church. After church we went to my grandmas for lunch and some of the kids hunted eggs in the rain but I was the mean mom who wouldn't let my two kids do it - they are both sick and it was muddy and it just wasn't a good idea. We decided to just have our own eggs hunt in the living room at home.

Hope everyone had a great Easter! Ours was filled with lots of rain, smiles, dye, memories and laughs :)

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